Islam’s Weakness

Third Arvind Ghosh Memorial Lecture, Human Empowerment Conference, Houston, September 2005

By Moorthy S Muthuswamy PhD

(The speaker is an America-based physicist with well over twenty peer-reviewed publications in nuclear physics and related areas. In the past six years he has also published over thirty articles on terrorism related issues – available at


A multi-front jihad has been underway to Islamize India and bring it under Islam’s control. This Islamization drive appears to be supported by a large percentage of Indian Muslim population and by neighboring Muslim nations. Islamists have skillfully taken advantage of weaknesses among majority Hindus thus far. In fact, India seems to be under an Islamic siege.

That may be changing.

The recent Ayodhya attack by Islamists may signal further assault on India’s economic interests, Hindu religious institutions and organizations. I believe such attacks may finally present an opportunity for majority Hindus to mobilize behind the fear of Islamic terror and wage a counter-jihad.

Despite some daring successful acts of terror, by and large, Muslim communities and nations remain weak and disorganized outside of their religious institutions. These are the weaknesses of Islam. The strength of Islam is its religious institutions and clerical leadership. On this basis, thus far Muslim communities have terrorized the civilization world over.

In the next stage of the war on terror, I believe powerful western nations, awoke by the recent brutal London terror acts, will work to neutralize Islam’s strength -- its religious institutions and clerics. In India’s case too the majority Hindu community will have to initiate a counteroffensive on Islam’s power structure within India. Capable and resource-rich Indian Diasporas will have to play an important role in aiding the Indian majority. I discuss various strategies and a role for Indian Americans for a successful counter-jihad. 

What is at stake for Non-Resident Indians (NRI)?

A positive evolution of Hinduism and Hindus hinges on educational uplift and wealth creation. If India doesn’t quickly eradicate the Islamic threat, the escalating cost of fighting it and the subsidizing cost of its growing Muslim population will suffocate it. Deprived of resources to improve its infrastructure and educate its population India will not be able to compete with emerging nations such as China. A Large portion of its Hindu population will remain impoverished and backward. In such a scenario many more Hindus will embrace naxal ideologies and will be vulnerable to Christian soul harvesters. In the long run an India bled by Islamists will see its majority religion Hinduism destined for history books ( With the home-base of Hinduism destroyed, Hinduism abroad will likely follow the same fate. Other India-centric religion such as Sikhism or Jainism will too follow in the same foot steps. Many North-East States have become predominantly majority Christian from majority Hindu within the past 30 years. Now, it appears impoverished North India is primed for massive conversions to Christianity. Abroad, Christian percentage among South African Indians only a few percent decades ago now hovers around 50%. Malaysia too is seeing a rapid conversion of its Hindu population to Christianity.

On the other hand a thriving India will offer opportunities – from religious, cultural, economic to social. It should be a good “brand” to be associated with. A strong India will come to the aid of Hindus everywhere. This is also a personal challenge for many of us – whether in this new millennium we can come together as a community and succeed in saving our civilization from extinction!

Islamic thrust in South Asia

Muslim kings ruled for at least six hundred years, but India remained mostly Hindu!

Among the reasons: Hinduism was not institutionalized for rapid conversion of India to Islam. Also, India was too vast for a few Muslim ruling elite; Hindus provided free labor for this elite (an economic incentive to let Hindus live)! Eventually, stagnant Indian Muslims lost power to a resurgent Hindus, Sikhs and the mighty British Empire.

Islam’s power structure in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Iran still wants to recapture and Islamize India. Statistics of the last sixty years tell the real story of islamization of South Asia.

Data from pre-1947 India and 2004 CIA fact files:


Hindu%  Pre-1947

Hindu%  2004

Muslim%  Pre-1947

Muslim%  2004
















The 24% Muslim population in pre -1947 British-ruled (old) India demanded and got 25% of the land in the name of Pakistan. But these lands have been virtually cleansed of Hindus. Since most Muslims stayed back in India, India had to accommodate 85% of the population in 75% of the land. Due to this unfair partition most non-Muslims are now squeezed into an entity called present day India. But Muslims now have all of old India to pursue opportunities. This 1947 Islamic partitioning of India constitutes a 25% reservation for Indian Muslims – of land, wealth and opportunities. Pakistan and Bangladesh owe India at least a third of their real-estate owning to this one-sided ethnic cleansing.

Muslim outlook within India’s only Muslim majority state of Kashmir:

Since 1989 300,000 Hindus have been driven out of Muslim majority Kashmir. Kashmiri Muslims have reserved most opportunities for themselves at the expense of non-Muslims (who pay most taxes). Muslim majority Kashmir gets very high per capita subsidies (that come from Hindu majority states!). Not only Muslim Kashmiris sponsor terrorism, Kashmir is now used as a staging post to expand terrorist operations inside India (,,

Based upon the above statistics what can be concluded about Hindu and Muslim outlook in South Asia?

When Muslims are in majority in South Asia they have worked to annihilate non-Muslim populations through – killings, ethnic cleansing, coerced-conversions, land, opportunity & wealth grab. This shows that versions of Islam practiced in South Asia are essentially fascist ideologies. When Hindus are in a majority in India they have proven to be secular, democratic and tolerant. Also, Hindus are unable to defend their interests either as a minority or as a majority (to be discussed later). 

What is the outlook of the Muslim population in the rest of India – where they are a minority? Also, when Muslims are in a minority what yardsticks can be used to gauge their outlook?

Invariably extremists represent Muslims in India. According to a 1970 govt. study -- almost 99% of riots in India were engineered by Muslims. Reformed versions of Islam even in a secular democratic India do not exist ( A recent poll (Where Indian Muslims have gone wrong, by Aakar Patel, Mid-day, September 5, 2004) revealed that just under 90 per cent of Mumbai’s Muslims, presumably the most progressive in the country, rejected a secular civil code preferring instead Shariah law, favoring polygamy, triple talaq and Islam’s unequal inheritance laws which allow women half as much property as they allow men. The views of most younger and educated Muslims and of women were also the same, in almost the same proportion.

Conclusions:  vast majority of Indian Muslims appear to be extremist sympathizers and have leaning toward radical Islam. Indian Muslim clerics are at the forefront of a jihad to convert India into an Islamic country.

How is jihad born?

The clerics first create a sense of “grievance” against the majority and/or the State through sermons. In the next stage a small band of armed men are created to “protect” the Muslim community. Who then start an armed conflict with the State and take shelter among the sympathetic Muslim population. But in retaliations some “innocent” Muslims die – thus spiraling into a jihad! This is how Muslim insurgency in Kashmir was established. But in areas where Muslims are a minority the above model of full-fledged insurgency is not possible. Here other forms of jihad are waged.

 A more complete definition of various forms of jihad:

          Unfairly associate Hindus as “oppressors” of Indian Muslims through virulent clerical sermons and create a sense of “grievance” and hatred of Hindus in the minds of Indian Muslims

          Sponsor insurgency in Muslim majority areas and engineer riots in Muslim minority areas

          Make India spend vast sums of money on fighting Muslim-sponsored terrorism – thus keeping India from becoming prosperous and strong

          Unfairly and selfishly demand reservation for Indian Muslims in education & jobs (Indian Muslims already have 25% reservation!)

          Demand special laws for Muslims -- to keep the Muslims separate and to promote terrorism

          Increase Muslim population in India through infiltration, preferably from Bangladesh and encourage high Muslim fertility

          Undermine India’s relations with Israel and America

Most Islamic extremists see increased Muslim reservation as part of an integral strategy to destroy India and extend Islam’s boundaries. Reasons: this unfair reservation for Indian Muslims takes wealth away from the deserving majority and others into the hands undeserving Muslims – resulting in an India with an increasingly poor and illiterate majority and a wealthier and well-placed Muslims -- primed for destruction. A case in point: the jihadi movement in Muslim-majority Kashmir strengthened over the years through a system whereby Kashmiri Muslims unfairly reserved a lion-share of job opportunities and educational seats for themselves at the expense of mostly non-Muslim Jammu and Ladakh. With Indian Muslim population percentage increasing from 10% in 1955, now to about 14% and with Muslim vote-bank controlled by some with proven retrogressive/extremist intent, it is not hard to see the kind of future awaiting India’s children.

Efforts are now underway to repeat Kashmir Muslim insurgency type “model” in parts of India with a large concentration of Muslims (Hyderabad, Mallapuram in Kerala etc). This is spearheaded by Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI – an Al-Qaeda wing inside India). Arms accumulation is already underway in many Indian mosques and Muslim “community” centers.

A Hindu movement born

What is constraining Hindu fight back? Almost a thousand year slavery has kept politics out of Hindu religious institutions – making them unlikely organizations to mobilize Hindus. Being from a poor and largely illiterate country the majority population lacks problem-solving skills ( Hence the government or the press/media lack support from the majority to take on Islamic extremists who are well-funded and community-supported. This has led to mostly Muslim “approved” top leaders or editorial boards or columnists functioning in India! Result: India has no plans to deal with jihad, while indoctrination of Indian Muslims continues unabated. At the moment the Indian political system (under a largely dysfunctional democracy) and media are subservient to jihadi interests. Article 30 of the Indian Constitution actively promotes minority discrimination/apartheid of majority Hindus and is in fact seen as a catalyst for jihad and human rights violations by Christian missionaries (

There may be light at the end of the tunnel, after all! For the first time in a thousand years Hindu civilization has created communities that can compete with the best. Such a community is mostly here in America and is also getting established in India. Some Hindus have also learnt to work together to advance their interests in one area – this has already happened in a large scale in software industry. Internet has created a medium to bring Hindus together socially, filling the void that is inherent in non-politicized Hindu religious institutions. An intellectual framework – facts and figures, understanding the weakness of the enemy and Hindus, and ideas on defeating the enemy – has been built, to the most part. In fact, this signifies the first significant steps of the burgeoning Hindu movement.

The experience of rich Hindus who were driven to India from Pakistan at the time of 1947 partition or expelled Hindus from Bangladesh drives home the point: you are only as strong or as weak as your community. Conclusion: Allocating resources and time to build strong community organizations is among the best investments in anyone’s children’s future.

Neutralizing Islamic fascism

Indian Islam’s only strengths are its religious institutions and its clerics. These entities are driving Muslim masses into jihad and away from modernism. The very same entities have also left Muslims disorganized and weak outside of Islamic institutions. These strong pillars of Islam are also its weakness, with the Muslim power so centered. How to neutralize Islamic fascism? Answer: discredit ideological foundations of Islam to drive a wedge between Islamic clerics and Muslim masses and mobilize Hindus on the basis of “grievances” and “injustices” in the hands of Muslims.

Even most Islamic scholars accept that the Koran was put together in the current format at least one hundred years after the death of Mohammed. When the “Prophet” made “revelations” from “God”, notes were apparently taken in leaves and other material. Question: How complete, accurate or well-preserved were these “notes” for over one hundred years? This angle offers an effective platform of de-legitimizing and discrediting the significance of Muslim “holy book” and Sharia. It also de-legitimizes the role of Muslim clerics as the interpreters of God’s “words”.

Grievances are the proven basis of mobilizing communities to fight an enemy. Worldwide jihad movement is based on “grievances” – mostly invented to keep the war on “infidels” everlasting, while ignoring the long track record of Muslim atrocities on non-Muslims. Even Srilankan Hindus were mobilized successfully on the basis of grievances in the hands of Singhalese who had discriminated against them in jobs, land and educational opportunities ( Due to a lack of effective marketing skills Hindu organizations thus far have failed to take advantage of terror fear among the majority Hindus (A poll conducted by India Today over two years ago identified terrorism as India’s most important issue). I am confident that once economic and human rights grievances of Hindus in the hands of Muslims are well-articulated and publicized, India will be able to repulse and defeat Islamic fascism.

So far past Muslim atrocities on Hindu religion institutions (example: Ayodhya) has been used to mobilize Hindus – only with limited appeal. The economic (jobs and educational opportunities) taken away by Muslims, land & wealth taken away by Muslims (25% Muslim reservation), insecurity and instabilities created by Muslims, Muslim population growth – should concern the middle class and even the rich. That is, create a perception that without “solving” India’s Muslim problem – there wouldn’t be much future left for Hindus and other non-Muslim Indians.

Once a movement is formed what kind of measures can be taken to solve the Islamic problem? As discussed before, reformed versions of Islam simply do not exist within India. Dialogue or attempt at “accommodation” with Islam in South Asia is a losing risk management strategy. The Muslim community-sponsored track record of genocide in South Asia, growing Indian Muslim population percentage and escalating low-intensity jihad in India implies that Islam in the South Asian context must be seen as an ideological intoxicant – incompatible with civilization. This gives India the right of pre-emption to impose a total war on Islamic fascism within India. The new war – in which Muslim civilians are indoctrinated to kill non-Muslim civilians in a no-rules-barred war – requires new rules of engagement. The fate of non-Muslims in Muslim majority regions of South Asia is proof that the enemy not only has no regard for human rights but also can get away doing anything. Hence as part of a military response, it is necessary to inflict disproportionate casualties among Muslim communities sponsoring jihad. Islamic leadership involved in various forms of jihad should be treated as enemy combatants. Muslim population in Indian border areas should find themselves encouraged to move to Pakistan or Bangladesh. Potential for an oil embargo from Middle Eastern Islamic nations does exist if efforts are underway to dismantle Islam’s power structure within India. But India can justifiably treat such an embargo as an act of war as these very same nations have a long track record of waging war on India by other means (also called jihad).

The real solution to India’s Muslim problem can be summarized along these lines: If Saudi Arabia has the right to impose a proven, fascist, intolerant, genocidal, and non-performing version of Islamic ideology on Indian Muslims, India has even more rights to conduct a humanitarian liberation of Indian Muslims toward an ideology of Muslim ancestors -- proven to believe in coexistence and progress -- Hinduism.

Going forward

Efforts needed in the theatre of operation: Cultivating existing Hindu organizations such as RSS or VHP. Helping them develop ideas and projects, and nurture capable young leaders -- among the important tasks ahead. Deeply pocketed Hindu Diaspora here in America needs to be tapped to raise funds for the “Save India” project. Also, many outside powers and other non-Muslim communities need to be made aware of the ongoing Islamic expansion in South Asia and the need to help the majority community in India. These issues are extensively discussed in various workshops of the current conference.


          India’s growing cancer is Islamic terrorism

          This terrorism also spawns other instabilities and keeps the majority Hindus impoverished and backward

          An India with a poor and backward majority is primed for destruction

          A resurgent Hindu civilization in India, with the Diaspora helping, can solve Indian Islamic problem

          Hindu economic and human rights grievances or injustices in the hands of Muslims should be articulated to mobilize Hindus

          With Indian Islam not capable of reforming, the end goal should be one of liberating Indian Muslims from Islam by neutralizing Islam’s power structure within India

          The much-needed critical step is to get the Hindu majority in India develop a deep sense of grievance against Indian Muslims, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Islam!