Blueprint for tackling jihad in India


Note to the readers: Please forward this analysis to your officer friends or relatives in Indian armed-forces. The institution defending India, Indian military, should know the nature of the jihad (a Muslim religious war) waged on India and how to defeat it.


Moorthy Muthuswamy PhD, November 2005




The apparent participation of Indian Muslims in executing a Lashker-e-Taiba (a Pakistani jihad group) inspired Delhi blasts aimed at killing mostly Hindu children, women and men shoppers comes after the recent Mau riots in Northern India that has followed a long and sinister pattern – that of driving out Hindus from Muslim majority areas, destroy Hindu religious/cultural institutions and destroy their businesses and properties – and simply terrorize a nation into submission. What is notable is the origin of funds for Delhi bombings: initial reports identify Saudi Arabia as the source.


An excellent analysis published very recently gives a good overview of the future awaiting India (India - Pakistan: lessons from the ruins (I), India - Pakistan: lessons from the ruins (II)).


Is there any way to stop this jihad on an “infidel” India?


Clearly, India needs a strong and visionary leader who can take on this thousand pound bully.


Earlier this month the retiring Chief Justice of Indian Supreme Court Lahoti blamed “lack of political will” for growing terrorism in the country. He pointed out that in the US and the UK — both targets of terror strikes — “no further incidents of terrorism took place”. But “in our country, every day a dastardly act of terrorism takes place. Has anyone gone into the question? The reason is there should be a desire to take action, to act, study it scientifically (to understand the enemy) to take remedial steps (solutions). Unfortunately in our country, no such action has been taken,” he said.


A civilization that doesn’t understand a genocidal enemy’s motivation or how to defeat him is a doomed one. Politically correct or not, we must discuss solutions to the problem of jihad. India not only lacks ideas on how to discourage Pakistan for its sponsorship of terrorism in India, Indians have failed to notice that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are nurturing a fast growing cancer within India – an increasingly jihadized Indian Muslim population.


Having been already victimized in the name of Islam in 1947 by Muslims, it can be articulated that the very presence of Muslims in India is unfair. This justifiable view gives India enormous moral and strategic options in dealing with this cancer. Not only the ongoing jihad puts a question mark on the future of non-Muslim children of India, it is a drain on India’s meager resources and makes a strong and sustained economic growth (that requires massive investments in infrastructure and educational retraining of Indians) all but impossible. It also creates other instabilities within India.


After identifying the real motives of the enemy, I discuss solutions to this jihad.


Fundamental reality: To tackle Islamic terrorism sponsored by Pakistan India must liberate its Muslim population from Islam to Hinduism!


Recapturing India for Islam


What is the motivation of Islamic radicals in India and in surrounding nations in sponsoring and conducting terrorism?


Even President Bush who called Islam “religion of peace” in a futile manner for several years now has come down to acknowledging the real motives of Islamic radicals for the first time. In an October 6, 2005 speech to National Endowment for Democracy Bush talks about the goal of radical Islam: “(establishing) a radical Islamic empire that spans from Spain to Indonesia”. The President further observes: “to enslave whole nations and intimidate the world”.


Most of India, as was Spain at one time was mostly ruled by Muslims. Islamists see it a must to weaken, terrorize and destroy India and then swamp it with exploding Muslim populations from Pakistan and Bangladesh and the fast growing population of Muslims within India. Massive Muslim infiltration from Islamic Bangladesh has been underway for sometime now, with about 20 million of these infiltrators already settled in India.


The UPA coalition in New Delhi led by an old bureaucrat of economic background (appointed by someone with no proven leadership credentials) but with no geo-political background is working to make the borders with Pakistan soft. This will lead to a deluge of Muslim exodus and terrorist infiltration from Pakistan (Soft Borders with Pakistan: A Certain Suicide, Prithiviraj, Again?).


Islam as a tool for Arab expansionism


Religious institutions in Pakistan, Bangladesh and in India setup and funded by Middle Eastern Arabic nations, notably by Saudi Arabia (the home of the founding Arab expansionist, “prophet” Mohammed) has led to imparting jihadi ideas in the minds of Muslim communities. These communities have been brainwashed into believing that they are doing “God’s work” if they help sponsor and conduct various acts of terrorism aimed at destroying “infidel” India. Also notable is arabization of language, culture and outlook of Muslim communities. Hence Islam should be seen as an ideology for Arab subjugation and conquest -- with non-Arab Muslims’ future destroyed and non-Arab Muslims merely used as pawns to wage endless jihad to further conquer territory for Arabs. This is particularly true of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims.


Islam doesn’t even offer a positive future for Arab themselves, going by their societies’ outlook or output! Oil-inherited Saudi Arabia doesn’t have to worry about its non-performing Islam for several decades to come. It’s financing of Islamic expansion into India can be seen as hedging for the day when Saudis no longer have significant reserves of oil and hopes its “colonies” in South Asia and other places will bail it out with free money. There is precedence to this angle; until about sixty years ago many of the rich sultanates in India gave financial assistance to a dirt poor Saudi monarchy.


Especially in the case of India, it should now look upon both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as nations waging war on it, by making Indian Muslims foot soldiers against the Indian state. Pakistan has provided the network and logistics and Saudi Arabia, the ideology and funding. In the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, these two nations threatened by America and allies appear to have disengaged their jihad directed at western nations and instead focused their efforts on Islamic conquest of a soft India. A nuclear-armed India with its options running out in dealing with this form of stealthy Islamic warfare should be ready to deal devastating strategic blows at their population centers.


Pak and Saudi Arabia also owe India hundreds of billions for the war damages and war crimes inflicted on the Indian nation and its citizens. Both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia never paid any price for terrorism that includes Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on America. For years these two nations were the primary sponsors of the Taliban and the source of funds for Al-Qaeda and Saudi Arabia, the source of funds for incitement and hatred against Israel and America throughout the Muslim world.


Pakistan is a classic case of a nation under slavery of Saudi Arabia. Pakistan gets free oil and large grants to cover its defense expenses and nuclear armament build up. In return, Pakistan is supposed to have provided Saudi Arabia nuclear weapons and has several thousand soldiers guarding Saudi Arabia. Through it’s funding of Pakistani mosques and madarasas Saudi Arabia has ensured that most Pakistanis never receive modern education and are given strong and steady diet of “Islam” -- taken to mean allegiance to Saudi Arabia.


Even most Islamic scholars accept that the Koran was put together in the current format at least one hundred years after the death of Mohammed. When the “Prophet” made “revelations” from “God”, notes were apparently taken in leaves and other material. Question: How complete, accurate or well-preserved were these “notes” for over one hundred years? This angle offers an effective platform of de-legitimizing and discrediting the significance of Muslim “holy book” and Shariah; the claim of Muslim “holy book” as the word of God may be the most destabilizing fraud of modern world.

Given its structure, history or performance, Islam appears to be an ideology designed to quickly and totally conquer a land and subjugate its population for Arabs. It seeks to root out, and has done so, indigenous ideas and way of life. Its continued focus on jihad betrays its original military intentions -- no surprise, Mohammed was a successful military commander. Although it does so in the name of God, some of the main attributes one would associate with God, such as kindness, progress, morality, or freedom are rarely seen to be part of Islam’s practical structure. Hence, Islam couldn’t be considered as a faith on par with other faiths of the world. It must be seen as an ideology, similar to Nazism.

How Islam spreads chaos, poverty and terror

Most clerics want to bring Muslims life style that existed during the time of “Prophet” Mohammed. Hence, progress is not considered among the desired by Islamic clergy -- Muslims, to the most part, have not progressed. Progress requires figuring out new ways of doing things and seeking out new knowledge. Such an approach contradicts the presumption of the Koran being the dominant source of all useful knowledge – making it unacceptable to most Muslim clergies. This has made Islamic civilization extraordinarily non-performing. The evidence is there for all to see, in the form of a lack of scientific, manufacturing, art outputs. Except for inherited oil, the contemporary Islamic civilization, to the most part, has become incapable to generating wealth or new ideas. With a rapidly growing population brought on by modern medicine, Islamic civilization is becoming ever poorer.

Since, according to most clergy, there is no new knowledge to be acquired, they channel the energy and attention of Muslim masses into worldwide jihad – the unfinished chapter of “infidel” conquest started by Commander Mohammed. The focus of sermon in mosques, in one way or the other, is connected with jihad. Thus, mosques have become centers of warfare waged on “infidels” and mullahs, the generals of the new war imposed on civilization. Muslim populations, deprived of joy, innovation, knowledge, and fun, have their energies now channeled into never ending conflict with civilization in the form of jihad.

Hindus and Muslims immigrated to Britain in large numbers at about the same time from a similar socio-economic background. Second generation Hindus have done very well as measured through levels of education and income. But second generation Muslims have among the highest levels of poverty, crime and poor education levels. Once again showing that this Arab Nazism called Islam offers no future for most Muslims across the world.

Most Muslim communities in India have shun education and hard work and are increasingly embracing violence and short-cut ways of garnering wealth. Disproportionate number of gangsters is from Indian Muslim community. In the aftermath of the recent Mau “riot” an Indian official admits that mosques and madarasas in the border areas are safe havens for ISI (Pakistani intelligence network) and Al-Qaeda agents “Muslims in this belt are interested only in two things—fake currency and possession of sophisticated arms.”

Islam’s track record in greater India


Any discussion of Muslim outlook in India could never be complete without discussing the outlook of former Indian Muslims, now known as Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims. In 1947, Muslims in India (comprising 24% of the population) demanded a separate nation for themselves and got it in the form of Pakistan (comprising 25% of the original land mass). Quickly they set about making these regions non-Muslim free. Over 20% and 30% Hindu and Sikh populations in Pakistan and Bangladesh are now reduced to less than 2% and 10% respectively. Since most Muslims stayed back in India, India had to accommodate 85% of the population in 75% of the land. Due to this unfair partition most non-Muslims are now squeezed into an entity called present day India. But Muslims now have all of old India to pursue opportunities. This 1947 Islamic partitioning of India constitutes a 25% permanent reservation for Indian Muslims – of land, wealth and opportunities. Pakistan and Bangladesh owe India at least a third of their real-estate owing to this one-sided ethnic cleansing.


This was to repeat again in 1989 from India’s only Muslim majority state of Kashmir, once again from here too over 300,000 Hindus were driven out to the rest of India. Also, Kashmiri Muslims who control the state through majority status have unfairly reserved most opportunities for themselves at the expense of non-Muslims (who pay most taxes). Muslim majority Kashmir gets very high per capita subsidies (that come from Hindu majority states!). Not only Muslim Kashmiris sponsor terrorism, Kashmir is now used as a staging post to expand terrorist operations inside India  (,,


Based upon the above statistics what can be concluded about Hindu and Muslim outlook in South Asia?


When Muslims are in majority in South Asia they have worked to annihilate non-Muslim populations through – killings, ethnic cleansing, coerced-conversions, land, opportunity & wealth grab. This shows that versions of Islam practiced in South Asia are essentially fascist ideologies. When Hindus are in a majority in India they have proven to be secular, democratic and tolerant. Also, Hindus are unable to defend their interests either as a minority or as a majority (to be discussed later). 


What is the outlook of the Muslim population in the rest of India – where they are a minority? Also, when Muslims are in a minority what yardsticks can be used to gauge their outlook?

Invariably extremists represent Muslims in India. According to a 1970 govt. study -- almost 99% of riots in India were engineered by Muslims. Reformed versions of Islam even in a secular democratic India do not exist ( A recent poll (Where Indian Muslims have gone wrong, by Aakar Patel, Mid-day, September 5, 2004) revealed that just under 90 per cent of Mumbai’s Muslims, presumably the most progressive in the country, rejected a secular civil code preferring instead Shariah law, favoring polygamy, triple talaq and Islam’s unequal inheritance laws which allow women half as much property as they allow men. The views of most younger and educated Muslims and of women were also the same, in almost the same proportion.


Conclusions: vast majority of Indian Muslims appear to be extremist sympathizers and have leaning toward radical Islam. Indian Muslim clerics are at the forefront of a jihad to convert India into an Islamic country.


Forms of jihad


The clerics first create a sense of “grievance” against the majority and/or the State through sermons. In the next stage a small band of armed men are created to “protect” the Muslim community. Who then start an armed conflict with the State and take shelter among the sympathetic Muslim population. But in retaliations some “innocent” Muslims die – thus spiraling into a jihad! This is how Muslim insurgency in Kashmir was established. But in areas where Muslims are a minority the above model of full-fledged insurgency is not possible. Here other forms of jihad are waged.


A more complete definition of various forms of jihad:


Most Islamic extremists see increased Muslim reservation as part of an integral strategy to destroy India and extend Islam’s boundaries. Reasons: this unfair reservation for Indian Muslims takes wealth away from the deserving majority and others into the hands of undeserving Muslims – resulting in an India with an increasingly poor and illiterate majority and a wealthier and well-placed Muslims -- primed for destruction. A case in point: the jihadi movement in Muslim-majority Kashmir strengthened over the years through a system whereby Kashmiri Muslims unfairly reserved a lion-share of job opportunities and educational seats for themselves at the expense of mostly non-Muslim Jammu and Ladakh. With Indian Muslim population percentage increasing from 10% in 1955, now to about 14% and with Muslim vote-bank controlled by some with proven retrogressive/extremist intent, it is not hard to see bleak future awaiting India’s children.


Efforts are now underway to repeat Kashmir Muslim insurgency type “model” in parts of India with a large concentration of Muslims (Eastern UP, Assam, Bihar, Hyderabad, Mallapuram in Kerala etc). This is spearheaded by Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI – an Al-Qaeda wing inside India). Arms accumulation is already underway in many Indian mosques and Muslim “community” centers.


Conclusion: Growing Mini-Pakistan’s are being established in Muslim majority areas within India.


Other instabilities created by Islam


The asymmetrical warfare imposed on an “infidel” India has already led to ever-increasing and enormous amounts spent ineffectively on security (with the security situation only getting worse!), and Muslim appeasing subsidies, reservations, with little left for infrastructure development. Due to an unabated demographic expansion from Islamic Bangladesh and fast-growing Muslim population, this problem will get only worse -- if not addressed adequately now. Parts of India not benefited by the recent wealth creation too have developed Nepal-like insurgencies. Increased wealth created by Indian software and other industries have not really reached most of the masses – expenses related fighting Islamic terrorism and subsidizing Muslim populations, including the ones in Kashmir have gobbled them. India is racking up huge budget deficits to defend against militant Islam without making any effort to defeat it. The Indian politicians have become good at holding "vigil" against terrorism while civilians and military people continue to be killed by militant Islam and property destroyed. Not only India can’t manufacture certain products due to a lack of capable infrastructure, it can hardly afford to train its people to produce them. Instabilities created by Indian Muslims either directly or indirectly are making many parts of India undesirable places to invest. There is a security markup on all of its products, making them expensive. Under these circumstances how can a nation such as India compete in global markets?


Undoubtedly, an India impoverished by an extended bleeding in the hands of Islam is seeing the birth of naxal movements in many regions. Resource rich Christian proselytizers are taking advantage of this to convert the locals (Religious apartheid in India and American policy response).


Smallpox civilization


The Muslim community-sponsored track record of genocide in South Asia, growing Indian Muslim population percentage and escalating low-intensity jihad in India implies that Islam in the South Asian context must be seen as an ideological intoxicant – incompatible with civilization. The fate of non-Muslims in Muslim majority regions of South Asia is proof that the enemy has no regard for human rights. Not surprisingly, reformed versions of Islam simply do not exist within India. In 1971 Pakistani army was issued a written order that led to over one million Hindu men, women and children butchered in the then East Pakistan. Outlook of most Muslims in India, Pakistan or nations such as Saudi Arabia is one of absolute intolerance – that doesn’t recognize the Hindu right to exist – including innocent men, women and children. Their lack of creativity and dedication to jihad implies that these people belong to new form of civilization – smallpox civilization. This civilization is no different from smallpox germ in its outlook. There can’t be any dialogue or accommodation with this one as it knows only destruction – just like smallpox germ.


We managed to shield ourselves from smallpox germ by annihilating it. Dialogue or attempt at “accommodation” with Islam in South Asia is a losing risk management strategy. The new war – in which Muslim civilians are indoctrinated to kill non-Muslim civilians in a no-rules-barred war – requires new rules of engagement.


It is correct and must to see entire Muslim communities conducting various forms of jihad in certain areas -- with some conducting terrorism and most others playing various supporting roles. Hence as part of a military response, it is necessary to inflict disproportionate casualties among Muslim communities sponsoring jihad. Islamic leadership involved in various forms of jihad should be treated as enemy combatants, while minimizing soldier’s casualty. Furthermore, given the current Indian Muslim outlook, it is legitimate to view Muslim women and Children as future sponsors and soldiers of jihad. Any other “restrained” approach will lead to a never-ending jihad, and eventual destruction and islamization of India.


Identification of Pakistan or Bangladesh belonging to smallpox civilization means that in any future conflict with these nations, India must inflict huge civilian casualties and annex large portions of their territory as a compensation for non-Muslim ethnic cleansing and jihad waged against India.


Majority Hindus do not know how to protect their interests


What is constraining Hindu fight back? Almost a thousand year slavery has that kept politics out of Hindu religious institutions – making them unlikely organizations to mobilize Hindus. Being from a poor and largely illiterate country the majority population lacks problem-solving skills (Slaves, Servants & Rulers). Hence the government or the press/media lack support from the majority to take on Islamic extremists who are well-funded and community-supported. This has led to mostly Muslim “approved” top leaders or editorial boards or columnists functioning in India! Result: India has no plans to deal with jihad, while indoctrination of Indian Muslims continues unabated. At the moment the Indian political system (under a largely dysfunctional democracy) and media are subservient to jihadi interests. Article 30 of the Indian Constitution actively promotes minority discrimination/apartheid of majority Hindus and is in fact seen as a catalyst for jihad and human rights violations by Christian missionaries. As Christian and Muslim populations increase, though organized vote-bank politics and discrimination, these two communities will take away wealth unfairly from the majority, leading a religious genocide of the majority. In addition to Jammu and Kashmir, this is already happening in Kerala where organized minorities have made the majority Hindus poor through discrimination and looting of wealth (


Grievances are the proven basis of mobilizing communities to fight an enemy. Worldwide jihad movement is based on “grievances” – mostly invented to keep the war on “infidels” everlasting, while ignoring the long track record of Muslim atrocities on non-Muslims. Even Srilankan Hindus were mobilized successfully on the basis of grievances in the hands of Singhalese who had discriminated against them in jobs, land and educational opportunities (How were Srilankan Hindus United?). Due to a lack of effective marketing skills Hindu organizations thus far have failed to take advantage of terror fear among the majority Hindus (A poll conducted by India Today over two years ago identified terrorism as India’s most important issue). I am confident that once economic and human rights grievances of Hindus in the hands of Muslims are well-articulated and publicized, India will be able to repulse and defeat Islamic fascism.


So far past Muslim atrocities on Hindu religion institutions (example: Ayodya) has been used to mobilize Hindus – only with limited appeal. The economic (jobs and educational opportunities) taken away by Muslims, land & wealth taken away by Muslims (25% Muslim reservation), insecurity and instabilities created by Muslims, Muslim population growth – should concern the middle class and even the rich. That is, create a perception that without “solving” India’s Muslim problem – there wouldn’t be much future left for Hindus and other non-Muslim Indians.


India suffers from nonfunctioning democracy


For nations that are in developing world category and are destabilized by neighbors, democracy may not be the best way of doing nation building. The African nation of Malawi has had democracy for decade, with free press and free elections. But during these years, the country went backwards in terms of development. Reason: Malavi suffers from a nonfunctional democracy as evidenced by inept leadership. However, many have progressed from developing to developed nations – South Korea Taiwan or even China – have all done so based upon visionary non-democracy-based leaderships that have used an iron hand to neutralize instabilities and kept the focus on growth. I have pointed the following before (A New Paradigm: Civilization through Wealth Creation): “Wealth creation, not democracy is the basis of building modern civilizations. (Functional) Democracy is the eventual consequence of such a civilization. Therefore, wealth creation must be put ahead of democracy”.  Indian democracy’s knack for electing inept leaders or inability to provide competent governing is now well established. Even the recent wealth creation has been private originated. As India needs better governing to initiate new level of economic growth and neutralize Islamic terrorism Indian democracy finds itself in un-chartered territory!


Vital realization: the way democracy is practiced in India has most certainly led to grooming Islamic radicalism (through Muslim vote-bank politics controlled by jihadis) and the way out lies in putting the problem and solution ahead of democratic mode of governing (How can India Defeat Militant Islam?).  Not only the majority Hindu community is disorganized and not capable of standing up to jihadi groups, but is also in no position to challenge any visionary regime under martial law that wants to take war to the jihadists and then focus on economic growth. I am sure most among the majority will welcome stability, security and economic future awaiting a resurgent India. 


Right leader for the right time


There is an enormous leadership vacuum in New Delhi. Arindam Basu notes: “The current rulers in New Delhi are not creatures who can rule: they must therefore be replaced by men who can (India - Pakistan: lessons from the ruins (I))”.


While appeasing Islamic fascist interests have become a norm among Indian politicians of all hues, one politician has stood out. This politician not only has shown himself to be an able administrator, but has brought strong economic growth to his state. He is Narendra Modi. What is also remarkable is that the even Muslim leadership in Gujarat, unsurprisingly reflecting jihadi mindset, is falling head over heals to appease the chief minister. Recent Gujarat elections have shown him to be even more popular. He has also worked to neutralize jihadi cells all over Gujarat. One more reason why Narendra Modi is a feared leader: Indian Muslims and Muslims in neighboring Pakistan and Bangladesh despise him!


Most Indians in a recent poll identified Modi as the most capable Chief Minister in India. Clearly, he is the kind of leader India needs. Winston Churchill was the right leader for Britain at the time of World War II. He was among the best suited to defeat Hitler’s Nazism. In the opinion of many learned Indian strategists, Narendra Modi is India’s Churchill who can tackle Arab-Nazism called Islam. As a proven-solver who has outlined a vision to deal with Arab-fascism I am also willing to play a leadership role.    


What response will break the back of jihad in India?


An effective and comprehensive approach toward tackling jihad has the following features: discredit the religious foundation of Islam, portray it as an entity incapable of bringing future to millions of Muslims and their children, and specifically for South Asia treat it as the ideology that is proven to convert Muslims into slaves for Arab conquest of India and finally, use force to destroy its power structure and leave Indian Muslims only one option: that of converting to Hinduism.










Big picture on casualty figures 


Without the outlined comprehensive response to jihad entire Indian population, non-Muslims and Muslims alike – over 1000 million of them – face devastation. This response should definitely lead at least up to 100 million Muslims permanently liberated from Arab-Nazism called Islam that offers no hope for Indian Muslims, while probably leading up to about 50 million deaths among Indian Muslims and about a few hundred thousands among others. Given the overwhelming evidence of most older Indian Muslims hopelessly indoctrinated into fundamentalism a high Muslim casualty rate is inevitable and necessary – to avoid a draining and never ending warfare. However, removing most ideologically entrenched from the scene makes it possible to wean way younger Indian Muslims from Islam to eradicate this Arab-Nazism permanently. Hence what is outlined here is a very humane approach to what is essentially a genocidal problem facing India today and is within the context of human rights and religious freedom.


Dealing with Islamic nations


Any decisive move to deal with jihad risks the possibility of retaliations from the sponsoring nations – particularly Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia in particular will likely to start an oil embargo on India. As was discussed initially, Saudi Arabia has been waging a jihad on India for several decades and owes India several hundreds of billions of dollars for war crimes and war damages. It is also a home of smallpox civilization – whose sole purpose is to kill “infidels” and extend Islam’s frontiers. An oil embargo by it should be treated as yet another component of war aggression inviting strategic strikes on its population centers. These strikes have the potential of taking away oil-base assets used for promoting jihad around the world.


Harming Hindu guest workers in an Islamic nation leads to a declaration of that nation to be a “smallpox civilization”, entailing a strategic response.


Time is running out for India


With most Indian Muslims indoctrinated, now arms buildup and training is underway in many fast-growing Muslim-infested areas of India. This puts the disorganized and unarmed majority community in great peril. This will increasingly destabilize India and at some point its economic growth will come to a grinding halt, setting the stage for an irrecoverable slide into anarchy. 


Arindam Basu concludes (India - Pakistan: lessons from the ruins (II)): “Seen from the widest perspective, India’s current situation looks very grim indeed, and its future is likely to be even bleaker than the past… India faces serious challenges to its very existence.  If it continues to dream of peace, it can enjoy the pacifistic blessings of defeat and disaster.   Should it change its course, and study, wage and worship war, then it may be able to turn its predicament to its advantage – and thus pave the way to greater power, prosperity, and even a just and lasting peace.




Indian intelligence and military shouldn’t lose hope that the Indian Islamic fundamentalist problem has become a Frankenstein no one can tame. I firmly believe that with a right leader India can crush this jihad. In this war like situation all Indian institutions, especially its military, must play a role in help install a decisive and able leader. India now needs to wage war with mini-Pakistans within its territory and the soldiers of these Pakistans are none other than many Indian Muslim civilians! A successful de-islamization of India will automatically lead to unraveling of Pakistan and Bangladesh as their people will realize the futility of jihad and decide not to waste their lives as slaves of Arabs to wage endless jihad on their behalf to extend Islam’s frontiers. This will also create conditions to liberate Pakistan and Bangladesh – finally putting an end to Arab-Nazi expansionism in South Asia and win the war on terror in this part of the world.