Church Bombings

By Moorthy Muthuswamy, July 2000

The recent serial Church bombings in India were not isolated. In fact, there was also a pattern of Temple and Mosque bombings. We all condemn such acts against any community. The police investigation of the accused in these bombings show that it was a handiwork of Islamic extremists allegedly trained and supported by Pakistan to create communal divide in India and extend the war on "infidels". The recent statement from the Christian leadership absolves the majority Hindus from any involvement in these attacks.

India is a secular democracy because its majority population is tolerant. India has always treated its minorities, including Christians with dignity and equality. On the other hand, Pakistan is constitutionally Islamic and treats its non-Muslims as second class citizens. Pakistan also houses Islamic extremist groups who wage "holy war" on "infidels" around the world, including Americans. If this act is proved to be sponsored by Pakistan and its Islamic extremist groups, this would be yet another evidence of how a nuclear armed Pakistan, ruled by a military dictatorship has become a global menace.