Preventing The Demographic Genocide

By Moorthy Muthuswamy, December 1999

The Muslim population has at least doubled since independence to about 17%. In 1947, when Muslims asked for a partition they constituted 25% of the population, a statistics worth reminding. Added to this is an unabated infiltration from the neighboring Islamic Bangladesh.

Muslims in India are near bottom levels in most evaluation measures such as incomes and education levels, as is the case in many nations. Worse, there is a global pattern of "jihad" approach to dealing with the rest as in Yugoslavia, Russia, Timor, Philippines and Israel. On top of this, there is an unabated Islamic terrorism that is spreading like cancer. In 1989, non-Muslims were driven out from Kashmir.

Non-Muslims are not safe in their own country! If this can happen to them in Kashmir it can happen every where. In the recent times, this type of extermination and ethnic cleansing occurred in Islamic Pakistan and Islamic Bangladesh as well. Where can Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists live other than in a secular India?

First of all, the illegal Muslim Bangladeshis should be forced across the border. Non-Muslim Bangladeshis need to be spared as they are threatened in that Islamic country.

Demographic genocide of non-Muslims in India must not be allowed to happen. In light of the division of India in 1947 and ethnic cleansing of Non-Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh and in Kashmir now, for a foreseeable future Muslims should not be allowed to have more than one child, to reduce their population to about 8% that existed in 1947.

This is a corrective and not a discriminatory step, taking into account their historical high growth rates.

Even in Kerala, where the Muslims are not educationally and economically disadvantaged, they still have much larger families, despite the govt. urging small families across the over-populated country! So, nobody should have any illusions that as the Muslims prosper and get educated they will resort to small families.

These types of measures fit in nicely in the context of secularism and human rights. They ensure that non-Muslims have a land to survive--the most fundamental human right of all.