How were Srilankan Hindus United?

By Moorthy Muthuswamy, December 2004

Is Islamic conquest of India inevitable?

It has been apparent for sometime that the Hindu community in South Asia couldn’t stop the full-scale Islamic expansion underway. They have permanently lost a substantial chunk of their ancient land to Islam in the form of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Even within India militant Islam is making significant gains with nothing to stop it. A demographic jihad of Assam, West Bengal and other parts of India is in full swing from Islamic Bangladesh. Hindus are beginning to be expelled from these border areas. Most Hindus have already been expelled from Kashmir valley, supposedly under Indian control.

An inept Sikh bureaucrat appointed by a Christian homemaker of Italian origin is in power as Prime Minister. This PM – no leadership material, is known for gross incompetence when it comes to security issues. A Muslim is occupying highest post of the land – the President. The chief of Indian army is a non-Hindu. The Indian cabinet is now even staffed by jihadis who are either directly or indirectly pushing Islamization of India. The current UPA regime, a proven stooge of Islamists (Congress-led coalition: a stooge of Islamists?), has called for a 20% Muslim reservation in paramilitary forces –a disastrous call given the extent of jihadization of Indian Muslims. In many Indian states Muslims have started to take away jobs, land and education through reservation – a manifestation of flawed democratic system in practice (Time to Revamp Indian Democracy?).

With America breathing down on their neck, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia appear to have decided to look eastward to concentrate their resources to complete the Islamic conquest of India. The Indian Muslim clergy – who have a firm grip of Muslim masses, are very much at the forefront of this effort to get India Islamized through various forms of jihad. Since Islam doesn’t offer any possibility of progress, jihad, demographic infiltration and large families are the only options of converting India to an Islamic state. Saudi Arabia signaled its escalation by approving large sums of money to spread its fascist wahhabi brand of Islam in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka but disguised it as "modern and liberal education with Islamic values. Saudi Arabia is known for modernism and liberal education as much as a hyena is known for vegetarianism.

Can this be stopped?

Hindus can be mobilized


The answer is YES!

I am going to outline here proven techniques of mobilizing communities when faced with such genocidal threats. Not only people of other faiths, even Hindus of Srilanka (constituting just 17% of the population), not much different from Indian Hindus, have been mobilized by this technique and have put up a unified and successful military front. It is notable that these Hindus easily overpowered Srilankan Islamists.

Even Al-Qaeda’s terrorism against the West or Pakistan’s against India is based upon this proven technique. To expand Islam’s frontiers as envisioned by Islam’s founder Mohammed, Islamic clergy use grievance as the basis to indoctrinate Muslim masses around the world. Unable to help Muslim masses embrace modernity this is the only way the clergy can keep their power base. Sermons conducted in mosques in some form or the other involve reminding Muslim masses of the "grievances" suffered in the hands of "infidels". These grievances have little basis but work to divert the attention and anger of the Muslim populace on a never-ending jihad with the civilized world. Once the anger and hatred are established the Quranic injunctions come in handy to impose no-rules barred warfare on "infidels".

The Hindu society in India has yet to implement this grievance-based technique, as they felt reasonably secure in large numbers. Now that its immediate economic security and long-term survival has really become a question mark, it is time to deploy this technique to permanently vanquish the Islamic threat.

The grievance model of mobilizing

In this model another nation/community is intensively identified as the source of loss of jobs, violence, poverty, insecurity, anguish and loss of wealth. It creates an absolute sense of anger and hatred at the other nation/community and the urge to reverse the injustices at all cost.

The Srilankan Hindu model

Under the British both Singalese and Tamils had equal rights and opportunities in Srilanka. But after independence the majority Singalese community institutionalized discrimination as it reserved opportunities for itself and kept away Tamils in education, jobs and wealth.

This genuine grievance started building up and was aided and articulated by Tamil leaders and Tamil press. With the democratic process inherently stacked against the Tamils, it finally led to a mobilizing of the Tamil community to reverse the injustices. This happened despite Tamil Hindus being divided along the lines of caste, similar to Hindus in India. Even non-Muslim Tamils are now allied with Hindu Tamils.

In comparison, the Hindu leaders of India starting from Nehru never took action to reverse massive expulsions of Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan. In fact, they portrayed an undeservedly benign outlook of Islam in South Asia. The media too took to this outlook and consistently apologized for Islamic atrocities while undermining any Hindu attempt to even discuss it – calling it as communal.

The reason why Indian society or India as a nation is losing ground to militant Islam is because the Hindu majority has little or no sense of grievance with regard to Islam or Muslims. I am confident that by following the plan I outline below, it is possible to buildup a sense of grievance among the Hindu populations and use it to reverse and eventually defeat Islamic fascism in South Asia.

I first discuss the grievances Hindus have against Muslims since an independent India as born in 1947.

Land grievance against Indian Muslims

The 24% Indian Muslims demanded, voted and got 25% of the land in the form of Pakistan in 1947; but most stayed back in India. But in areas where Muslims had power through majority status, they systematically drove out almost all Hindus and Sikhs. Result: India had to accommodate 85% of the population in 75% of the land. Over 20% non-Muslim population reduced to less than 3% today in Pakistan; over 35% Hindu population reduced to less than 10% today in Bangladesh speaks the genocidal nature of the atrocities. Hindus and Sikhs as the consequence of partition became poorer; Muslims richer due to this loot of the land. Hindus have lost invaluable land, property running into several trillions of dollars and were squeezed into India. Muslims not only gained 25% India’s real-estate through genocide but now they have access to entire India. This means that in any future military conflicts with Pakistan or Bangladesh India is well within its rights to annex large portions of real-estate. Also, India has every right to send each and every one of its Muslim residents to Pakistan and Bangladesh to complete the population exchange started by Pakistanis that continued with Bangladeshis.

Ideological grievance against Indian Muslims

When it is Hindus who should have grievance against Indian Muslims, the Muslim clergy cleverly used the bogy of "grievance" against majority Hindus to conduct various forms of jihad against the Indian nation and majority Hindus.

The political sermonizing that goes on in Indian mosques involves falsely accusing Hindus as "oppressors" of Muslims and falsely discredit the government machinery. These clergy also discourage Muslims from embracing modern education and build bridges with the majority. This has created not only hatred in the Indian Muslim mind for Hindu majority but has led to scant respect for law and order. It is no exaggeration to say that Muslim clerics in India are running parallel governments whose sole purpose is to wage a violent jihad to convert India into an Islamic state.

Wealth and opportunity grievance against Indian Muslims

Substantial portion of land loss is also loss of wealth. But the wealth loss doesn’t stop there. Subsidies given to Indian Muslims are gathering momentum. Not only these subsidies empower militant Islamists but are also paid at the cost of majority. Because of Indian Muslim subsidies, crores of Hindus who have not seen their lives improved are increasingly drawn into naxal ideologies. The Muslim strategy lies on making Hindus impoverished by taking their wealth and jobs through unfair subsidizes and reservations – by blackmailing the regimes in power as a voting power block. The more impoverished Hindus are, more likely India can be defeated and Islamized. For instance, Gujarati Hindus could effectively respond to jihad as it is among India’s wealthiest of the states.

Kashmiri Muslims have been subsidized for almost 60 years. Just as Arabs live off on oil, Kashmiri Muslims think it is their birthright to live off on the hardwork of "infidel" Hindus in the rest of India. The poverty levels in Kashmir is about half of the rest of India. The inept UPA leadership ruling India recently escalated subsidies by agreeing to give away 24,000 crores to these people. The Muslim majority in Kashmir has reserved most opportunities for itself at the expense of non-Muslims (The woes of Jammu and Ladakh, India, the Kashmiri colony). Over 300,000 non-Muslims have been driven out of Kashmir valley to the rest of India. While not allowing Indians in the rest of India to buy land in Kashmir, Muslim Kashmiris are busy colonizing the rest of India! In Kerala where Muslims hold one power center, opportunities and resources again were selectively used to favor themselves at the expense of non-Muslims (For Hindus in Kerala it's now or never). This way Kerala Muslims are unfairly looting wealth and jobs from Hindus and other non-Muslims.

Now in Andrapradesh Muslims are likely to get free land and reservations in jobs and education, again at the cost of others. Muslims have remained poor and illiterate due to deficiencies in Islam; these subsidies and reservation policies are going self-perpetuate and encourage this backwardness. This is also going to place mediocre and fanatical people in undeserved and high position making India’s war with militant Islam a losing proposition.

It is apparent after looting Hindus of their land, Indian Muslims are escalating jihad to next level by looting Hindus of their wealth, more land, security, peace, jobs, education and opportunities right here in India.

I estimate that if the Muslim problem is solved the per capita wealth of all Indians will increase by at least 10% and economic growth rate by a few percent. With Islam eradicated India will be far more stable place to invest. In fact, even a "China" like growth may be achievable. But without eradicating Islam the fast growing Indian Muslims will suck the life out of India – just like the smallpox.

Security grievance against Indian Muslims

The anti-India and anti-Hindu sermons that go on in Indian mosques create an outlook whereby Muslims do not respect law. Also, it makes Indian Muslims prime recruits for militant Islamic forces hell-bent on destroying India. In Muslim majority Kashmir, the terrorists sent by Pakistan are sponsored and sheltered by the local Muslim population. This pattern is getting repeated in certain border districts of Assam and West Bengal.

Indian Muslim communities are not even allowing security agencies to investigate and pursue terror suspects in most Muslim majority areas – Hydrabad, Malapuram, Kashmir etc. In some ways they are already creating many mini-Pakistans inside India and a base for terror operations – where police need to give prior notice before entering -- unlike any Hindu, Sikh or Christian majority areas.

Deliberate religious killings of Hindus in Kashmir, Godhra and Marad and their connection with local mosques are inescapable. So are riots occurring after Friday indoctrination in many mosques.

There has been a steady movement of Hindu population out of Muslim majority areas, even outside of Kashmir. The general environment and outlook of Muslims in India is such that non-Muslims simply do not feel safe there.

Demographic grievance against Indian Muslims

While the non-Muslim percentage population has dropped dramatically in all Muslim majority areas of South Asia, Indian Muslim population percentage has almost jumped up by about 50% since 1947. This when backed by demographic expansion of Islamic Bangladesh into India forms the greatest civilizational threat India faces. The sermons in Indian mosques insist on Muslims having large families, ostensibly to increase the power-base to take away wealth and jobs unfairly from the majority – to destroy "Hindu" India. Indian Muslim groups also, without exception, support illegal influx of Muslims from Bangladesh, but turn a blind eye to persecution of Hindus there.


In light of all of the above the very presence of Muslims in India is the greatest grievance Hindus and other non-Muslim Indians have. The appropriate way to define Indian Muslims is to describe them as modern-day cannibals living among the civilized who continue to devour the civilized. Obviously, these cannibals must be neutralized. The fact that South Asian Muslims, including Indian Muslims have a proven record of utter disregard human rights of non-Muslims regardless of age shows that these modern cannibals are not humans after all – they are like smallpox, designed only for destruction.

India is at a new kind of internal war, waged by Indian Muslim civilians and communities on non-Muslims. Indian Muslims have proven that they do not believe in Hindu right to exist.

Survival calls for new ways and means of waging warfare on Muslim civilizations. I have already described Indian Muslims as part of a smallpox civilization (New Ideas for a New War). Also, Indian Muslims are similar to aliens who come to earth to exterminate all humans. But when accommodation failed, humans liquidated all these aliens regardless of age. Such an act is well within the context of human rights (this is the scenario portrayed in the movie "Independence Day"). This also means that acts of retaliation on these cannibals should be massive even leading to casualty ratio of 100,000 to 1. In these retaliations, the entire community of cannibals must be treated similar to smallpox regardless of age. Even Indian Muslim women can be seen as carriers of cannibalism and Indian Muslim children, future cannibals.

Reforming Indian Islam or Muslims is not even an option as Islamic institutions without exceptions are waging various forms of jihad on the Indian nation (ISLAMIC INSTITUTIONS IN INDIA - Protracted Movement for Separate Muslim Identity?).

The whole Hindu and non-Muslim Indian society should be geared toward sending these cannibals living in the border areas to Pakistan and Bangladesh as part of the population exchange started by these "smallpox civilized" nations – who drove out their most non-Muslim residents to India. After destroying the extremist clergy and the cannibals need to be liberated to Hinduism and those intend on practicing this cannibalism should be liquidated as smallpox or sent to Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Detailed plans and ideas toward permanently solving India’s Muslim problem are given in earlier publications (How can India Defeat Militant Islam?, Islam’s Weakness). I have also discussed citizen’s and NRI’s role in India’s war with militant Islam (Citizens’ role in India’s war on terror).

The vision

Nature has designed humans and other living organisms to fight back only when emotions such as anger or hatred are generated. Only by articulating this grievance/injustice model across the society it is possible to create emotions of anger and hatred – prerequisites to unite and mobilize Hindus to defeat this survival threat. Creating awareness alone is just not sufficient! The propaganda should be aimed at creating unadulterated hatred for modern India’s cannibals – pointing out Indian Muslim loot of land, wealth, security, jobs and opportunities illegally, unfairly and through violence or the threat of it.

The major stumbling block in implementing this vision is the attitude of left-oriented Indian journalists (Journalists: Unwitting Friends of Jihadis?). But most of them are still Hindus and they also fear Islam, and so do their families. In my opinion the Hindu organizations such a RSS or VHP needs to develop people at the grass root level who can articulate the grievance against Indian Muslims along these lines. As the level of grievance and intensity grows within the Hindu community, the dhimmi journalists will have no option but to cater to the interests of the majority community.

Also, Hindu religious institutions such as Vivekananda Ashrams need to get into the fry and organize "education and debate sessions" on topics that are designed to create a sense of grievance. Topics: why were Hindus driven out of Kashmir?, impact of Bangladeshi immigration, what happened to Pakistani Hindus?, where is Hindu temple money going?, implications of reservations for minorities etc.

As the extent of grievance among the Hindu community increases, the topics can be escalated toward taking care of India’s Muslim problem permanently.

Power flows from wealth. In order to destroy Islam wealth must be removed systematically from Indian Muslims. Every effort must be made to accurately portray giving business to Indian Muslims as feeding bloodthirsty, selfish and ruthless cannibals out to exterminate Hindus. At individual level people should stop doing this: shop in Muslim-owned shops, travel in Muslim-owned autos, give Muslims employment, business etc.

Leadership role for IT managers

Now that the project is defined as eradication of Islam within India’s boundary, let us take up the issue of the credentials of leaders who can finish this project.

Just about all of the current generation politicians and people in the media represent the worst of India – incompetent and/or violent thugs. The blunt reality is that capable people in India do not in general become politicians or journalists.

India is on the losing end of the war with militant Islam because the country is led and covered by them. These people have little idea on how to provide governance, create wealth or bring stability. Where are we going to find leaders who can lead India to the final victory over Islam?

Hindu organizations or religious leaders too lack modern project management skills necessary for India to win the war. Hence they too fall out of favor. The deplorable arrest of Sankaracharya and the muted response to his arrest not only shows the Hindu religious leadership not having a strong following, but also that it is not a bread-and-butter grievance issue for Hindus. Muslims taking away jobs, wealth, security, land, and educational opportunities are life-and-death grievance issues.

The software industry has created for first time Indians who can initiate, develop and successfully complete projects and who know how to work together as a team. In fact, these people can compete at the world level. I contend that Information Technology (IT) managers have what it takes to lead the "save India" project (Save India), by neutralizing the smallpox civilization. Of course, such people need to be tutored on these issues to bring up speed, given the lack of objective analysis in the left-controlled Indian media – my publications may form a good starting point.

With the current regimes fundamentally incapable of helping India reach the next level of economic growth and vanquish militant Islam, - it makes sense that IT managers proceed toward leading the nation itself. I call upon IT managers to take an early retirement and plunge into politics in large numbers -- to become leaders and managers of the nation.

Hindus have the right to exist with dignity in India

The American President preparing for the final battle in "Independence Day", a movie released in 1996 gave this speech to his soldiers. The decisive battle in the movie was launched to destroy aliens hell-bent on exterminating humans on earth. Are the genocidal Indian Muslims any different from these aliens?

"We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore

We will be united in our common interests

You will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression or persecution, but from annihilation

We are fighting for our right to live -- to exist

We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!

We are going to live on! We are going to survive!"