Igniting Hindu fight back


By Moorthy Muthuswamy, June 2005


Now Assam, after Kashmir


It is now clear that Assam is going very much in the direction of Kashmir – emergence of a full-fledged Muslim sponsored insurgency brought on by migration of Muslims from Bangladesh.


In a nutshell, this is again about extending Islamic frontiers further into India at the expense of “infidel” Indians. Before this development came massive ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims – Hindus and Sikhs in particular from Pakistan, followed by Hindus from Bangladesh and then most recently from Indian “controlled” Kashmir.


It should come as no surprise that Pakistan and Bangladesh have masterminded migration of Bangladeshi Muslims into India. But it is Indian Muslim community and in particular its leadership that is among the biggest sponsors of this infiltration. After all, it is in the self-interest of Indian Muslims – to convert India into an Islamic land.


In a very recent speech,  Maulana Syed Asad Madani, the national President of the Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind, at a massive rally by the organization's Assam unit at Guwahati demanded permanent land settlement and citizenship certificates to Muslims (illegal from Bangladesh) living in the state’s “char area” (river islands). He also demanded reservation for Muslims in state government jobs and in police force. He gave the Congress government in Assam elected through Muslim vote-bank six-month deadline to fulfill these “grievances”.


Now, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind is demanding reservation for Muslims (at a gathering attended by Congress President Sonia Gandhi) in all sectors and in all of India! A research conducted by Abu Saale Sharif, based on the National Sample Survey in 1998 points out literary rates of 52.5%, 49.5% and 81% for Hindus, Muslims and Christians respectively. The very high Christian literacy rates are due to Indian Christian community's control of many educational institutions and practicing religious discrimination in favor of Christians. Indian Muslim institutions too tend to do the same (Religious discrimination by Indian minorities).


Madani is a leader of Indian Muslims with a huge following. These demands are nothing but war by other means – to perpetuate ever more increasing migration of Muslims from Bangladesh, while at the same time take away land and resources (through reservation) and wealth from native Hindus so that they become impoverished and set the stage for islamization of Assam and the rest of India.


Why regimes in power are unable to act


Very few people have understood why Indian regimes in power are unable to act decisively against Islamic fascism. It is critical in identifying the root cause in order to develop strategies to remedy the situation. Whether it was “secular” Congress-led government or nationalistic BJP-led government the results have been remarkably similar. Making policy recommendations and expecting the leadership to act is to live in fool’s paradise – given the past sixty year history in India.


Very recently, even seven Chief Ministers belonging to non-BJP governments in North-East voiced grave concerns to Congress-led UPA regime in New Delhi about illegal migration from Bangladesh.


Muslim clergy who represent Indian Muslim leadership command a large following and are virtually exempt from the rule of law. The political indoctrination that goes on in Friday prayers in just about all mosques in India gives them a huge dictatorial and unmatched power over Indian Muslim masses. These clerics continue to wage various forms of jihad (more later) on the Indian state and its majority Hindu “infidels”.


Any attempt to enforce rule of law on a popular Muslim cleric leads to massive, coordinated and uncontrolled violence on the State machinery, properties and attacks on Hindu population, spearheaded by the mosques belonging to the cleric and supported by other clerics around the country.


This situation is virtually impossible for any Indian government to handle. This is the reason why the regimes in power can’t act against Islamic fascism. With majority religion weakly institutionalized, the government thus far got a little in the way of organized support from them.


There is yet another reason: Islamic fascism is increasingly determining what parties get to power and who holds the reigns, and what the media chooses to publish or analyze.


For instance, only politicians that are considered “secular” (as defined by non-secular medieval Muslim clergy) can expect to hold reins of power. Able politicians such as Narendra Modi who works to curtail jihadi power are characterized as “communal” by Indian jihadis and their proxies in politics and media (An inside story of Modi’s visa revoke). These "secular" politicians, so defined, are expected to be sympathetic to Muslim jihadi interests and soft that they are also unlikely to use force on jihadi clerics to uphold the rule of law. While the dethroned NDA regime had a soft and ineffective Vajpayee as Prime Minister, now the Congress-led UPA regime has an inept old bureaucrat as the PM. Having relied on Muslim vote back controlled by Indian jihadis, upper echelons of Congress are staffed by jihadi appeasers (Congress-led coalition: a stooge of Islamists?). These people tend to see non-existing threats from organizations representing Hindus such as RSS, VHP while continuing to appease and accommodate Islamic fascism. When Indian Muslims already have 25% reservation ((Muslim Reservation = Jihad), the congress-led regime is working overtime to increase reservation unfairly for Indian Muslims – it just announced 50% reservation for Muslims in PG courses at Aligarh Muslim University. All of this will come at the expense of majority community and set the stage for destruction of India in the hands of Islam, by making Hindus poor and illiterate. It comes as no surprise that this regime is slated to pass soon “Prevention of Communalism Bill” to reign in on processions by Hindu organizations.  This takes away a major component Hindu ability to mobilize against Islamic fascism, while Muslim clerics continue to mobilize and sponsor jihad through Indian mosques and madarasas!


Muslim intimidation also extends to press and media. If any of them publish material that adversely affect Muslim interests they are subjected to extreme forms of violence with no one to protect them -- neither the majority community nor the regimes in power, which too has been thoroughly intimidated. This intimidation also means that editorial boards get staffed by people who again are sympathetic to Muslim cause and who too must pass the “secular” definition of Muslim clergy.


In essence society, media and the governments in India are under Islamic siege. I am going to discuss here proven ways societies can break out of this type of a siege to vanquish the enemy. I first set the stage by discussing forms of jihad.


Forms of jihad


In areas where Muslims have power through majority status in South Asia, an open warfare was imposed on non-Muslims, leading to most of them being evicted from ancestral lands to India. This happened in Muslim majority Pakistan, Bangladesh or India’s own Kashmir. Those who decided to stay behind were constitutionally discriminated and harassed.


But in the rest of India where Muslims are a minority they do not hold power. Hence they can only resort to other forms of jihad to undermine the majority in every way and increase Muslim population and power. Hence different yardstick of what constitutes a jihad in India is needed. An India with increasingly poorer and illiterate majority Hindus shrinking in population, and an increasing Muslim population that is wealthier is the necessary requirement for destruction and eventual Islamization. Hence, every effort is made by Muslim leadership in India to achieve it. An integrated Indian Muslim strategy relies on the following themes:



Census after census taken over the years shows exactly that. What is notable is Muslim clergy’s active encouragement of Indian Muslims to have larger families, even as Muslim clergy in many Muslim majority nations discourage large families. This undermines Indian government’s efforts on family planning for a resource-limited and over-populated India. As the Muslim population increases so does its share of power.



The kind of Islam practiced in India is so much oriented toward jihad that Indian Muslims in general perform poorly in modern education. Reservation for Indian Muslims does two things: One it takes away education and job opportunities from deserving Hindu majority, making them poor and illiterate; two, it gives these opportunities to undeserving Muslims. Clearly, these reservation policies do nothing to address the fundamental deficiencies in Islam. Given the strong embrace of radicalism by Indian Muslims, this will put radicals in position of power and wealth and accelerate the process of India’ destruction. As noted before Indian Muslims already have a 25% reservation and almost sole occupation of 25% of original India! This is a loot of not just jobs, the land and wealth as well.



India’s costs on fighting Islamic terrorism (supported and sponsored by Indian Muslim community) are increasing at a rate well-surpassing the economic growth rate. Under these circumstances India will not be able to make necessary infrastructural and educational investments to make products to complete globally. There will be a large security markup on its products.



Uniform/secular laws bring Indian Muslims mainstream, away from jihad and out of the grip of medieval clergy. Hence clergy demand special laws that originate from medieval “sharia”; they alone are “authorized” to interpret.



It makes every sense for Indian Muslims to increase their population in every way, especially in border areas so that Islam’s fascist borders could be extended easily.

This is done to destabilize India, and to energize and increase clerical grip over Muslim masses. India's only Muslim majority area of Kashmir has seen a Muslim sponsored insurgency and a study conducted in 1970s showed that more than 95% riots involving Muslims were started by them (Hindu majority simply doesn't have the kind of institutionalization to initiate and conduct riots).



As nations that are at the frontline fighting Islamic fascism, it is not in Indian Muslim interests that India’s relations with these two nations, especially one between India and Israel is close.



With Pakistan being the primary jihad exporting country and the one that will make Islamic conquest of India reality, it is in Indian Muslim interests to see that Pakistan is protected and helped in every way possible.


Right of preemption


Since the Sept.11, 2001 attacks, America decided to embrace the right of preemption – that is, it will take the war to the enemy before the enemy consolidates or becomes a major threat.


Before Sept. 11 America too faced difficult options with regard to Islamic fascism, along the lines similar to what India faces (discussed above). Due to that America either chose to make ineffective or half-hearted attempts, but the Sept. 11 attacks changed all of that. 


The dynamics of Islam in South Asia shows a very clear direction – destruction of India and its eventual islamization. From every Muslim majority area of South Asia (also called old India), where Muslims have power, most Hindus have been driven out. Hence India has the right to undertake a preemptive war on institutions sustaining Islamic fascism. In rest of the article I develop terms of the preemptive war, and who would initiate and conduct the war.


Unfortunately, in India’s case due to a disorganized majority that couldn’t support the regimes in power, these regimes (that are being dictated by minorities in India) are not capable of conducting war at this time. So, what are the options?


The option is that of concerned members of the majority community to take the war on select enemy leadership within India. The right of survival and self-defense in the absence of government’s inability to protect its citizens makes this unavoidable -- and necessary.


Islamic fascism’s war strategies rely heavily on Muslim clerics indoctrinating Muslim civilians and converting warriors out of them and use every means of waging a war. Hence this is an unconventional war in every sense – requiring the embattled “infidel” civilians to wage a counter warfare on ”Generals” of jihad.


Liquidating enemy combatants


The war or the jihad that has been imposed on India is based on indoctrinating Muslim civilians to wage various forms of jihad on the State and non-Muslim populations, specifically majority Hindus. The generals of this jihad are mostly Indian Muslim clergy. An effective response requires not only punishing sections of Indian Muslim populations aiding this jihad but also treat these generals as enemy combatants.


Based upon the forms of jihad discussed above, I am defining a term “Indian jihadi sympathizer”, including non-Muslims, as someone who:







In addition to the above requirements, I am defining another category called “Indian jihadi”, as a person who in addition satisfies three more requirements: 

The last three requirements uniquely and beyond any doubt, identify an Indian Muslim leader as a jihadi. His/her intention and his/her plans are to indoctrinate Indian Muslims into waging jihad of all forms toward destroying and then converting Indian into an Islamic state. I am proposing that it is legitimate (under the right of preemption) to liquidate any Indian Muslim that falls in the above definition of an Indian jihadi. Also, Indian jihadi sympathizers involved in protecting or aiding Indian jihadis too could be liquidated under the right of preemption.


Institutions that are staging grounds for Indian jihadis such as mosques or madrasas are legitimate enemy military targets.


This updated-definition of enemy combatants is necessary given the nature of the war India faces, with the enemy well inside. For instance, recently American military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff revised the definition of enemy combatants. India has been waging a losing war of no-rules imposed by Indian jihadi leadership, also identified as Islam’s power structure within India.


Not just most Muslim clerics in India fall in this definition of Indian jihadi. Indeed, many Muslim politicians, businessmen, professionals --- lawyers, doctors, movie actors etc too can be and are Indian jihadis. Indian Islam is so corrupt and fascist that this evil transformation of many Indian Muslims to Indian jihadis is an unfortunate reality (How were Srilankan Hindus United?).


This definition makes a focused and effective response to jihad possible. It also doesn’t deliberately target innocent nationalistic Muslims, and gives them power and reason to undercut jihadis and join the mainstream. However, given the proven large-scale genocidal nature of Indian Muslim community and the war of no-rules imposed by them on Hindu majority, Indian Muslim casualty shouldn’t come in the way of war strategies. This would be a definite recipe for eventual extermination of Hindus by Muslims of South Asia.


How to ignite Hindu majority into massive action


With the majority constituting over 70% India will live or die by them. India with a weakening and disintegrating majority and at the border of Islam will be overwhelmed by Islamic forces thereby making existence of other non-Muslims not viable in the region. Recently, there has been a flurry of meetings held by various Hindu nationalist organizations and political parties I trying devise strategies on defeating jihad imposed on India. These meetings have ended with meaningless appeal asking the government to realize the threat and act (I explained before why the governments can’t act effectively) or the common people to wake up to this genocidal threat.


Common people, who are predominantly Hindu, are busy with their own lives, from eking out a living or to help raise families. With Hindu majority not indoctrinated unlike Indian Muslims or mobilized like Christians or Sikhs, common Hindus are not going to act unless their personal security or economic future is undermined. The slow squeeze or the nature of jihad imposed by Indian Muslims is such that Hindus are slowly losing wealth, opportunities and jobs without realizing why it is happening to them. As this trend continues for years to come majority Hindu population will be too poor and illiterate on the average and besides, Islamic fascists would have increasingly occupied corridors of power through vote-bank politics and reservation that Islamic conquest of India will become inevitable. This will doom the majority Hindus.


It becomes incumbent upon the beleaguered majority community members to create a list of Indian jihadis in their localities and liquidate them across India, not just in places like Kashmir or Assam. Once this starts happening Muslim community in India under the grip of these jihadis will respond violently in indiscriminate fashion against the majority and the state machinery in a massive way. This violent response would indicate a massive support of jihadis among Indian Muslim community and identifies the leaders of this agitation as Indian jihadis, to be liquidated. This massive violence and disruption carried out by Indian Muslims will severely affect the day-to-day existence and the well-being of most Hindus on the sidelines. These Hindus too will realize that they must eradicate Islamic fascism once and for all to ensure their future. This then will convince most of the majority to form a unified and a massive front against Islamic fascism. First, it will lead to removal from power the current generation of Muslim ‘approved” leaders of India. It will then lead to installing leaders who will have the outlook and the mandate to eradicate Islamic fascism. It will also lead to a mainstream media that is no longer intimidated by Islam and one that will be protected by a strong and powerful majority and reflect objectivity in its reporting. As part of the collective punishment it may be legitimate and even necessary to deny jobs to Indian Muslims and impose economic boycott of them – if nations can be sanctioned for errand or criminal behavior, why not communities?


My studies have shown that if Islam’s power structure (consisting of Indian jihadis) is destroyed, Indian Muslims can be reconverted to Hinduism quickly and the borders cleansed off of Muslim migrants (to Pakistan and Bangladesh). Once these Islamic power structures are destroyed and Indian jihadis liquidated it becomes very difficult to mobilize Indian Muslim populations (The Art of War on Terror). The need for librating most Indian Muslims (from Islam to Hinduism) arises as there exists no reformed version of Islam in India (ISLAMIC INSTITUTIONS IN INDIA - Protracted Movement for Separate Muslim Identity?) – i.e. the Indian Islam is fascism to the core. Hence it is a must to find a permanent solution that is consistent for the well-being of everyone, including Muslims.


The approach I have outlined above is a proven one. It just requires only a few Hindus at the initial stage to ignite the action, but exploits the well-founded and justified fear and dislike of Indian Muslims among majority. This is similar to how Muslim communities are mobilized into sponsoring and participating in jihad: The clerics first create a sense of “grievance” against the majority or the State through sermons. In the next stage a small band of armed men are created to “protect” the Muslim community. These men discriminately kill some members of majority or state security forces and take shelter among the Muslim population. When the retaliation comes from the majority or the state, it leads to many “innocent” Muslim civilians killed in the cross-fire, and given the sense of “grievance” already implanted, the whole Muslim community starts the sponsorship of jihad. Muslim Kashmir insurgency was started this way and this is a proven technique used by Muslims and other communities.


Imposing a war on the Generals of jihad may be the last and only effective way the Hindu majority too can respond to defeat the jihad imposed on them.


Action plan


When Indian civilian Muslim clerics comprising mostly of Indian jihadis issue their own diktats, run parallel governments based upon “sharia” and wage various forms of jihad on majority civilians -- with regimes in power either doing little to stop them or act as the jihadi proxy, Hindu civilians have the right to determine who Indian jihadis and their sympathizer associates are and liquidate them. This approach has a great potential to neutralize radical Islam, making Muslim clerics all over India suddenly vulnerable, and also no longer feeling “free” to continue their jihad-oriented sermons that are at the root of the Islamic problem in India.


Hindu organizations gain little by convening meetings and “pass” resolution after resolution appealing to the governments to act. What is needed is massive propagation of this plan. Even if 1% of Hindu population in India execute initial stages of this plan (liquidating Indian jihadis and their Indian jihadi sympathizer associates), it will ignite a spark that will spiral into a massive Hindu movement.


Unemployed Hindu youths need to be told that due to the presence of Muslims in India (when they have almost exclusive lands for them in South Asia), the costs of battling Islamic terrorism, and due to the subsidies and reservation given to Indian Muslims -- have led to much-reduced opportunities of education and jobs for them (A Hindu Movement Born, Is Sikhism destined for dustbin of history?). Hence it is in their interest to liquidate Indian jihadis and their jihadi sympathizer associates.


The current regime in Assam elected through Muslim vote-bank is making every effort to stop eviction of illegal Muslim Bangladeshis. This regime is acting as proxy for Islamic fascism. Assamese Hindus must now start implementing the plan I have outlined here. This plan has to be extended all over India as well. The Islamic problem is an ALL India problem, not just restricted to Assam or Kashmir.


Organizations representing Hindu interests should propagate these ideas without getting into action at least initially, due to the possibility of being banned by dhimmis in power. With all available evidence indicating many mosques in India stocked with assorted weapons to conduct jihad, it is inevitable that Hindus must arm themselves to battle Indian jihadis and jihadi sympathizers -- with the regimes in power not capable to dealing with Indian jihadis. Retired Hindu military personnel need to get involved in arming and training the Hindu community. This new warfare imposed by Indian Muslims and supported by neighboring Muslim states requires just that.


A poem

I conclude this analysis with this poem, originally written by a Jewish poet to describe Jewish failure to recognize Nazi extermination intent before it was too late. It was modified to describe the proven genocidal designs of Islamic fascism in the Indian-subcontinent since 1947

First they came for East Punjabi/Sindhi Hindus
And I did not speak out,
Because I was not a East Punjabi/Sindhi Hindu

Then they came for Bangladeshi Hindus
And I did not speak out,
Because I was not a Bangladeshi Hindu

Then they came for Kashmiri Hindus
And I did not speak out,
Because I was not a Kashmiri Hindu

Then they came for Jammu Hindus
And I did not speak out,
Because I was not a Jammu Hindu

Then they came for Assamese Hindus
And I did not speak out,
Because I was not a Assamese Hindu

Then they came for West Bengali Hindus
And I did not speak out,
Because I was not a West Bengali Hindu

Then they came for Kerala Hindus
And I did not speak out,
Because I was not a Kerala Hindu

Then Indian Muslim extremists finally came for me,
And there was no one left to speak out for me