Written order to kill all Hindus

By Moorthy Muthuswamy, January 2001

According to the Hamoodur Rehman Commission report that was recently released by the Pakistani Government, the Pakistani army was issued a written order by the Pakistani military high command to kill all Hindus in the then East Pakistan in 1971.

I call upon the Indian government to bring up the charges of "Crimes against the Humanity" against Pakistan at the International Court. It will make people around the world know what kind of the country Pakistan is and help understand Indian position. Is it any surprise why there are only a few non-Muslims in Pakistan or in the Kashmir Valley?

I recommend the Indians the movie the Hollywood movie, "The Independence Day" to gain a clearer perspective on Islamic terrorism. In this movie, the peaceful earthlings realize a little late that the invading aliens are hell bent on human extermination and are thus left to fight a do or die battle.

A genocidal killer, has Pakistan learnt anything? Is the offer of Kashmir cease-fire by the Indians appropriate to deal with exterminators? Haven't the Indians learnt anything?