Mansoor Ijaz’s Intentions

By Moorthy Muthuswamy, November 2000

The readers may be aware of the recent prominence of one Mansoor Ijaz, a practicing Muslim and an American investment banker of Pakistani origin who is involved in the latest track II diplomacy in resolving the Kashmir issue.

What are the reasons for his involvement? I have followed his writings over the years in American and Pakistani newspapers. Based upon this, the following profile emerges: As someone wishing the glory of Islamic and in particular Pakistani civilization, he appears to feel that the Pakistan’s involvement in Kashmir is irreparably damaging Pakistan. It should be acknowledged that he is one the few Muslims who realize that the jihadist ideology sponsored by the Middle East sheikdoms brings only misery and doom to Muslims around the world.

Of interest to the Indians are Ijaz’s intentions regarding India. While claiming to sympathize with oppressed people of the world including Kashmiri Muslims, unfortunately, he has not shown support for the just cause of non-Muslims ethnically cleansed from Pakistan.

Ijaz has stated in a recent interview in Friday Times: "if India does not come to the table with serious intent to resolve the Kashmir, the violence could spread well beyond the Himalayan borders in a manner that permanently damages India's chance of economic growth." This observation, while true the under current rules of engagement – respecting the "human rights" of supporters of Islamic terrorism, appears to be a veiled attempt to goad India to make concessions in favor of Pakistan.

Even if the Kashmir issue is resolved to the satisfaction of Islamists, what will stop the spreading of Jihad to the rest of India and the "self-determination" of Indian Muslims?

What then really are India’s options? An option India should contemplate is this: Since this act of "self-determination" is a jihad aimed at the extermination of non-Muslims in India, a solution based upon overwhelming use of force may be necessary. This brings up a valid question: Is the presence of Muslims in India an unfinished agenda of partition?