Muslim Reservation = Jihad

By: Moorthy Muthuswamy, December 2004


Objectively, fairly and humanely how much reservation Indian Muslims should get? Answer: ZERO! In fact, Indian Muslims already have a 25% reservation.

Indian Muslims already grabbed 25% of the land for themselves in South Asia and drove out almost all non-Muslims. Hence this constitutes a 25% Muslim reservation! Along with this reservation Muslims are now free (due to their presence in India) to compete for the 75% of the opportunities available to South Asian non-Muslims.

Hindus or other non-Muslims have unfairly lost 25% of the opportunities to Muslims. Additional reservations for Muslims will further reduce opportunities for non-Muslims. In fact, going by the logic of Partition and the subsequent non-Muslim ethnic cleansing from Muslim majority areas to India, all opportunities (100% reservation) in India must be reserved for non-Muslims.

In addition, the jihadi-infested and friendly UPA regime in Delhi has called for 20% reservation for Indian Muslims in paramilitary forces.

All of this is being carried out without any study Ė just to please the jihadis.

License, arms and training to kill Hindus

The ongoing jihad in Indiaís only Muslim majority state of Kashmir is no coincidence. All the available evidence points to extremization of most Indian Muslims. The following poll was published in a Muslim-owned newspaper Mid-Day:

"A recent poll revealed that just under 90 per cent of Mumbaiís Muslims, presumably the most progressive in the country, rejected a secular civil code preferring instead Shariah law, favoring polygamy, triple talaq and Islamís unequal inheritance laws which allow women half as much property as they allow men. The views of most younger and educated Muslims and of women were also the same, in almost the same proportion."

This shows that most Indian Muslims are outside of the civilized norms of behavior and outlook. Many Muslim security personal are known to engage in jihad and also shield jihadists. This has been the case not just in Kashmir but also in places such as Marad, Kerala

Under these circumstances to hire Indian Muslims as part of the paramilitary forces to provide "security" to Hindu population is nothing less than giving license to kill Hindus. The jihadi undermining of these forces is also highly likely.

Muslim reservation is indeed jihad

With the goal of jihadis is to destroy the economic viability of India and increase Muslim population through high birth-rates and massive infiltration from Bangladesh, it makes sense to reserve jobs for Indian Muslims. These reservations serve two purposes: 1) Deserving Hindus are kept away from jobs and become poor 2) undeserving Indian Muslims (who have shown strong leanings to extremism) get jobs and become more wealthy.

This unfair wealth transfer from Hindus to Indian Muslims through reservation is a must to destroy India. Hence we see the equation: Muslim reservation = jihad!

This on top of subsidies and other modes of wealth transfer are already making Hindus poor. The cannibalistic characteristics of Indian Muslims are beginning to get noticed (How were Srilankan Hindus United?).

UPA Hindus must now decide which side they are on

The policies pursued by the UPA regime have now created apprehension among Hindus and particularly so, among security agencies. With the regimes in power already proven in their inability to protect Hindus Ė as it happened in Kashmir and other places Ė now the UPA regime can be arguably seen to promote the interests of jihadists.

With Hindus and others no where else to live other than India, non-Muslim communities will find the need to wage a war to defend themselves. The politicians of the UPA regime who allow unfair transfer of wealth to Muslims at the expense of non-Muslims and who hire potential jihadists as paramilitary police -- will likely find themselves and their families at the cross hairs of disgruntled Indian security forces who might view them as the traitors.

Most non-Muslims have been driven out or were killed in Islamic Pakistan or Bangladesh. It didnít matter whether they were secular or Marxists. Hence these Hindu politicians must understand that appeasing Islam is a no-win situation. Donít these politicians have any gratitude toward their Hindu security guards and their families who protect them Islamic terrorists? Is Ms. Sonia Gandhi heartless too?

Appeasing Muslim vote bank has gone far enough. The so-called "secular" Hindu politicians must now decide if they want to be on the side of jihad or with civilization.

Just because the UPA politicians donít know how to defeat militant Islam doesnít mean there is no solution. I have come up with a detailed vision of permanently defeating militant Islam within about a year (How can India Defeat Militant Islam?, Islamís Weakness).

Hindu nationalists must act

Hindu nationalists must fight tooth and nail on the issue of Muslim reservation in jobs, education and in security forces along the lines I have articulated here. If properly articulated I am confident that Hindus can be mobilized.

These issues are not just bread-and-butter issues; they are in fact life-death-issues for non-Muslims and in particular, Hindus of India.

Time has come to tell Indian Muslims that if they insist on reservation they should leave for Pakistan or Bangladesh Ė the lands reserved just for them and almost devoid of non-Muslims. Their quota of 25% couldnít be increased any further -- in fact, the logic of 1947 Partition requires 100% reservation for non-Muslim Indians. To say so is not communal -- but a fair, humane and objective thing to do!

Is the RSS/VHP/BJP leadership capable of articulating these thoughts boldly and come to the aid of Hindus?