A New Doctrine for Saving India

By Moorthy Muthuswamy, January 2000

We have to accept the reality that non-Muslims have lost substantial portion of their ancient land permanently through massive ethnic cleansing. However, Muslims have equal rights in secular India and have almost doubled since 1947. The critical conclusion of this analysis is that the right of non-Muslims to have a secular land is threatened. This is perhaps the most fundamental right of all. Therefore, internally, India has to make strategic moves to eradicate Islamic terrorism. We propose that India declare a following human rights doctrine: India will remain a secular land for non-Muslims and that Muslims living within Indian borders, engaging in "self-determination" type activities will be tried on treason charges and forced out to Islamic Pakistan or Bangladesh with their families.

Why do non-Muslims need protection? Muslims are the only ethnic Indian community who asked for a country and got it. Once they got the country, drove out all minorities such as Hindus and Sikhs to India. The ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir by Kashmiri Muslims has only strengthened the need for this doctrine. Due to this pattern of minority ethnic cleansing, Muslims do not have right to "self-determination".

This doctrine may be the only way to save India. What is the advantage and need for this doctrine? This is a clear cut way of defining that India intends to be a secular nation for non-Muslims in the subcontinent and will take measures to maintain that status. It will pave the way for taking strong measures to permanently solve the following outstanding problems: Kashmir, by settling non-Kashmiries; getting rid of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims to Bangladesh; capturing land from Pakistan and Bangladesh for minority ethnic cleansing to India and other Islamic terrorism related problems.