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All that is necessary for evil
to triumph is for good men
to do nothing
- Edmund Burke
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Inside ...
- Scientists and Technologists...
- Sardar Patel National University
- Communist Blame Game
- On Muslims, UPA has bad
- Readers Write
- ‘RJD Chief’s Family in Illegal
Possession of 26 Houses’
- Second Phase of Jihad in India
- Article 30 Violates Universal
Declaration of Human rights?
- Are You a Marxist/Communist?
Dr T.H.Chowdary
he gruesome shooting down of Prof M.C. Puri and six
scientists at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore by jihadi
terrorists belonging to a Pakistan-based organization should be
one more reason for India to seriously and sincerely identify the
reasons for growth of terrorism, who are providing safe havens,
safe houses and shelters, who are facilitating and financing and who
are supplying intelligence information for the terrorists. While what
these terrorists have been doing in J&K and their likes in the north-
east has taken a heavy toll of persons (estimated to be about 50,000
civilians and armed personnel killed); even more seriously in the
amount of money that states and union governments are having
to spend on security against this type of terrorists is enormous.
Thousands of crores are being spent on these measures to reduce
the damage that these terrorists are inflicting. This economic crisis
is entirely due the jihadi terrorists, their accomplices and associates
belonging to a particular divisive, disruptive and global domination-
seeking religious theology.
India has been emerging as the preferred country for the world’s
global companies to outsource their operations and even their R&D.
The growth of I.T. Software, ITES, BPO & KPO business is creating
a lot of wealth enabling India to attain high rates of growth of GDP.
To inflict the maximum damage and to scare away global companies
coming to India, the jihadi terrorists seem now to be targeting our
scientists and engineers, our Technology Parks and the IT & ITES
businesses. This is going to be enormously damaging to our country.
It is impossible for foreign terrorists to operate in this country
without a fifth column working for them. There is a general suspicion
as to who these are and in which cities and localities exactly they
are intensely engaged. It is also becoming clearer by the month that
there are certain people within governments and in the political sphere
Truth on the Scaffold
Patriotism Re-asserting
Vol. 4 No. 2
Editor: Dr. T.H. Chowdary
(The Peril we need to)
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
who are prevailing upon
governments and leadership of
many political parties to overlook
the activities of the fifth column,
and even proven, convicted
terrorists. One evidence for this is
the release of one notorious Hijbul
Mujahim chief Ahmed bhai alias
Mujib in Hyderabad. This terrorist
assassinated an IPS officer Sri
Prasad in Hyderabad. He was
sentenced for life but then when
the Congress formed the Ministry
in Andhra Pradesh in May 2004,
it announced amnesty for 1050
prisoners and among these, is
this notorious terrorist who was
released along with 602 others in
Aug 2004. It appears that even
while in jail, he was violent,
disobedient and abusive of the
jailors. According to newspaper
reports all rules for commuting
the sentence for life, have been
violated in the case of this jihadi
terrorists. It is understood that
very senior police officers and
others in the GOAP manipulated
the release of this life time prisoner.
Within an year he resumed his
terrorist activities receiving and
supplying weapons and
ammunition to the terrorist outfits.
Caught while engaged again in ISI
(of Pakistan)-directed terrorism-
supporting activities he was re-
arrested in Dec 2005. That his is
not the only case of jihadi terrorists
with extra-territorial links operating
from safe havens provided by their
co-religionists have been caught
and some of them sentenced
but were released before their jail
full term. Some others escaped
while being commuted between
jail and courts and yet some
others got bail and disappeared.
These instances indicate that
our state has become soft and
there is even soft corner in fact
for co-operation in some quarters
for these jihadi terrorists. It is
known that a number of
organizations championing human
rights and civil liberties and
minority rights are specially active
to give legal cover even for
criminals like Mujib. Hyderabad
witnessed hundreds of persons
including veiled women
demonstrating within a few minutes
of when a terrorist was picked up
by the police; they were
demanding that without proof and
evidence, no person should be
picked up and this demonstration
was right in front of the police
head quarters. The latest terrorist
activity was a suicide attack on
the post of special task police
force meant to deal with terrorists.
Hyderabad is home to a
number of highly specialized
research establishments connected
with the defence of India. Many
of them are ringed by numerous
unauthorized house-structures on
illegally occupied government
lands. They are inhabited by people
of questionable integrity and loyalty
to the nation. Even the police
concerned with intelligence are
reported to have opined that there
is lot of radio activity in the
structures. On a letter from me in
my capacity as IT adviser to the
Government of Andhra Pradesh, a
very top ranking police officer replied
that a political decision has to
be taken to tackle this inhabitants
in these illegal houses suspected
to be indulging in anti-national
activities. From the interrogations
carried on persons involved in the
bomb blasts in Delhi in October
2005, and in Hyderabad, it is
coming out that there is a wide
-spread network of a large number
of people trained in Bangladesh
by Pakistan’s ISI and that there
are hundreds of sleepers at the
command of handlers. Hyderabad,
besides Bangalore and Chennai,
are having concentration of highly
visible and successful software, IT
and ITES companies with great
reputation abroad. These are
specially targeted for the activities
of the jihadi terrorists. Science
and engineering and technology
professionals and their companies
have serious anxiety about what
these terrorists could do to disrupt
businesses and scare away
foreign companies wanting ICT
services from these cities.
Every one of these terrorists is
a Muslim (though it is a cliché to
say that all Muslims are not
terrorists) and they are working for
organizations which are sworn to
wage jihad and which are being
financed by rogue states and jihadi
transnational outfits. It is often
asserted that Islam is a religion
of peace; it condemns the killing
of innocent persons and that
terrorism is abhorrent to it. It is
however strange that Muslim social
and political organizations and
Muslim clerics are not seen to
be taking any action as a
community to expose these
terrorists and excommunicate them
by issuing for eg: fatwas. Many
fatwas are issued here and very
liberally all over the country against
some alleged other non-Islamic
actions by Muslims. While Muslim
organizations are quick to issue
statements, organize demo-
nstrations and make represe-
ntations in matters they think are
offending their sentiments or their
interests, it is ununderstandable
why the most anti-national,
supposedly non-islamic, subversive
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
and terroristic activities being
carried on by their co-religionists
are not fought and suppressed by
that community. The silence and
inactivity is in terrific contrast to
the sustained chorus of
denunciation, spate of meetings
and persistent litigations by
numerous Hindus against the
communal riots and loss of
minority life (though one third dead
in the riots are Hindus) in the
after-math of roasting alive Hindu
pilgrims in rail bogies in Godhra.
Some Muslim organizations have
threatened that they will launch
public demand if the promised 5%
reservation in professional colleges
and for government jobs in Andhra
Pradesh is not realised and they
expect that the government should
go to Supreme Court or even
amend the Constitution. Could not
such organizations build up an
effective movement in order to
identify, thwart and expose the
non-Islamic terrorist and subversive
actions in the name of Islam to
disrupt life, to raise communal
passions, and to inflict terrible
costs by way of security and
policing measures and even more
significantly terrible strain on the
scientific community, technology
professionals and their
companies? Their silence against
terrorism in the name of Islam and
their militancy and activism in
defence of minority privileges are
causing legitimate suspicion and
concern in the majority
community. Some in the majority
community are having serious
concern about the collusion that
appears to be existing between
government officers and politicians
for the softness of the state in
regard to these elements as
evidenced by the commutation of
life sentence for terroristic murder
of a police officer. I am sure that
a vast majority of the majority
community will fully endorse the
views expressed in this article but
they are terrorised into silence or
they want to be politically correct,
fearing that if they publicly
endorse the concerns expressed
in this article, they will be called
communal, non-secular and Hindu-
(HPI note: The disaffection of youth
for religion is a cross-cultural
phenomenon.) A story in the
Christian Post details how leaders
of church denominations, youth
pastors and parachurch
organizational leaders gathered to
brainstorm ways to keep college
students from falling away from
the Christian faith and how to
correct the dysfunctions in youth
ministry. Mission America and the
National Network of Youth
Ministries convened the January
11-12 meeting in Orlando. “A
significant majority of our church’s
youth are leaving the foundations
of their faith when they transition
from high school,” said Paul
Fleischmann, president of the
National Network of Youth
Ministries. Research has shown
that 69-94 percent of Christian
youths forsake their faith after high
school, while one study by the
Southern Baptist Convention found
that 88 percent of youth are
leaving the Church. A pilot study
of 69 college students conducted
by Fuller Theological Seminary
was presented during the meeting.
Results found that 100 percent of
the youth group graduates had
since used alcohol. The study
also found, however, that the
greater their faith maturity, the
less likely the students were to
engage in risk behaviors.
Fleischmann cited youth culture,
a lack of parental involvement, and
biblical illiteracy as major
contributors to the issues at hand.
[Is it not strange that a religion
which is being discarded in the
US and Europe is being sold to
us Hindus by Christian
missionaries, churches and their
‘mass’ organizations i.e., many
NGOs deceptively misleading
names like ACTION AID, WORLD
VISION, etc.? unemployed Indian
youths are engaged by these multi-
national merchants of religion.
They are paid monthly salaries
and bonuses for every person
‘harvested’ (Pope’s word) for
Christianity. Some of them are
sent to work as Pastors in US &
Europe. – Editor]
We sincerely request
our readers to read this
issue and send their
valued comments,
suggestions and criticisms
for improvement of its
quality and variety of
Good responses will be
appropriately rewarded.
- Editor
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
arxists, communists and
their fellow-travellors had, in the
classical way, infiltrated into the
Congress party (Comrades Mohan
Kumara Mangalam, HR Gokhale,
P N Haksar....) in 1969 and in
return for the street-smart support
they gave to Indira Gandhi when
she split the Congress, got the
Jawaharlal Nehru University
established in Delhi 1969.
It does not teach science or
technology or engineering or
anything which can build up our
country but only economics,
socialism, international relations,
women’s studies empowerment,
human rights, history etc. All
these are to indoctrinate the young
into Marxism, subversion of India,
distortion of India’s history and
heritage and so on.
About 80% of the faculty
there, are all communists and
fellow-travellors. They have been
producing lecturers and professors
for other central Universities like
those in Hyderabad, Gauhati,......
They have also infiltrated into
most of the Universities, into the
HRD ministry, and other institutes
and think-tanks. That is why we
find the vociferous academicians
all engaged in creating intellectuals
and journalists for the destruction
of Hinduism, promotion of their
brand of ‘secularism’, and building
up disintegrative minority forces.
There is therefore need
for a Nationalist University of India
to capture and build up intellectual
defences for Sanatana Dharma,
Bharat and Bharat Mahan. As a
first step we must start National
Universities named after Sardar
Patel, Subash Chandra Bose,
Swamy Dayananda, Swamy
Vivekananda, Shivaji, Rana Pratap
The first such University
should come up in Gujarat, birth
place of Sardar Patel and Swamy
Dayananda. It could be named
as Sardar Patel National
University or Rashtriya Vishwa
. It should offer all the
courses that Jawaharlal Nehru
University is offering plus
archeology, India’s heritage of
science, philosophy, art and
The Faculty could be
drawn from all over the world. A
large number of concerned Hindu
scientists, business-men and
professors are of the same mind
. they have come together to
found Global Foundation for
Civilisational Harmony (GFCH)
Issue was deliberated in a brain-
storming session in Ahmedabad
(Environment and Sanitation
Institute, Opposite Sughad Village
Bus stop, Gandhinagar Koba
Highway, Sughad, Gujarat. 382424)
on the 2
, 3
& 4
of January
We request that the
National University should be
founded by you, before next
elections over take us. It could
be Public-Private Partnership
ICT Based Elections
reduction of the need for Cash
(that is, black money).
In this age of
Telecommunications, interactive
sound and vision broadcasting and
computers, it is possible to have
elections cutting down the
expenditure by individual
candidates and parties by at least
80%. A photo copy of a paragraph
on this subject is attached.
This matter was presented
to Sri L K Advaniji and Sri
Chandrababu Naidu. Both
appreciated but both did not want
to go for this immediately.
In brief the scheme is:
Giving up of enrollment of
voters and substitution by voter
Registration during certain periods
of the year under scrutiny of
authorized political parties and
The registration will be on
a computer with digital camera
When the citizen wanting
to register is uncontested, a
photograph will be taken by the
computer-camera and kept in a
digital library in a server. The
computer will generate an identity
card and unique voter number.
15 days before balloting,
all the TV and radio channels will
be required to give say, 8 hours
of broadcasting time for authorized
candidates and parties to speak
and speak and speak. While they
are doing so, on toll free numbers
and from public telephone and
Internet kiosks, citizens can
interact with them. During this
period excepting in covered spaces
[Open letter to Sri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujarat]
Dr T H Chowdary
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
like town halls and auditoria, no
public rallies and assemblies by
political parties will be allowed.
e. For polling, a computer will
be put in every booth and all of
them will be inter-connected to a
central server of the constituency
(which could be an MLA’s area).
f. When a voter appears before
a computer with a digital camera,
he keys in his voter identity
number and would also be facing
the digital camera on the PC. If
his picture and the digital identity
in the server match, a green light
comes to signal that he can vote.
g. All the candidates, symbols
will come along. Voter can push
the button of his choice.
Five minutes post-closure
of the polling, the result would be
i. Those who are disputed as
voters or where the computer has
rejected a voter because of
mismatch between his face and
the digital photo the computer
system has, there
will be a
disputed register for voters as
well as disputed votes. A way
can be found how to deal with
@ Submitted to Sri Narendra
Modiji, Honourable Chief Minister
of Gujarat on 7.1.2006 in
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
T h e w o r l d i s a
T h e w o r l d i s a
T h e w o r l d i s a
T h e w o r l d i s a
T h e w o r l d i s a
dangerous place to live;
dangerous place to live;
dangerous place to live;
dangerous place to live;
dangerous place to live;
not because of the people
not because of the people
not because of the people
not because of the people
not because of the people
who are evil, but because
who are evil, but because
who are evil, but because
who are evil, but because
who are evil, but because
of the people who don’t
of the people who don’t
of the people who don’t
of the people who don’t
of the people who don’t
do anything about it.
do anything about it.
do anything about it.
do anything about it.
do anything about it.
hat Hinduism is under
fierce attack by a deadly
combination of mutually hating
and intolerant
religious and
ideological faith systems, even as
they battle among themselves
elsewhere in the world, is plain to
every thinking Indian. That the
intolerant, exclusivist religious
faiths like Christianity and Islam
and the intolerant and exclusivist
political ideology Marxist,
Leninism-Stalinism, Maoism, if left
unchecked could engulf the world’s
peoples and nations in mutual
destruction is realized by
increasing number of intellectuals
and scientists and philosophers
around the world. They see that
it is only the indigenous, so-called
ethnic faith and belief-systems
like Sanatana Dharma of India, the
various faiths of indigenous (so-
called Red Indians in America;
Africa, Australia and even Europe,
Druids in France, Ireland, UK.....),
conduce to harmonious living
among peoples of different cultures
and heritages as they do not seek
to convert others. Many
intellectuals and scientists,
especially in America are taking
Buddhism holding it as belonging
to the tolerant Vedic group of
belief-cultures systems. They have
come together to form the Global
Foundation for Civilisational
Harmony (GFCH)
After lot of
preparatory works in various
countries about 60 intellectuals
from the US, UK, Australia, New
Zealand, Japan, and India came
together for a three-day retreat in
Sukhad, near Gandhinagar,
Gujarat, during 2
to 4
2006. There was excellent
intellectual fare. The defence of
Sanatana Dharma and its
acceptance among nations will be
undertaken by this foundation on
a Global-scale among Universities,
scientists and philosophers and
think-tanks around the world. The
presentation made by Dr T H
at this retreat is
reproduced below.
• Hinduism under attack/siege
from the evil quartet (Dushta
Chatustaya) – Marxists,
Missionaries, Maycaulayans
and Moslems
Build an awakened,
intellectual Warrior
Community (1)
• Temples as informing,
inspiring places
• Toll Bells all over the State/
• Prior preparation of
• No ‘at any time’; by any
individual puja/Darshan but
service only at announced
times to groups of
• Archaka to perform puja;
give a short talk on the
purport of the puja and give
call to defend Sanatana
Dharma under attack/siege
(Contd., on p.18)
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
hy has anti-Hindutva
become the mantle of the
communist politicians? Anti-
Hindutva is a very old social
disease of the Communists. It
has been a permanent feature of
Islam and Christianity for
thousands of years and the Hindu
hatred has obviously morphed and
metastasized into many forms.
Christian and Islamic hatred is
rooted in their irrational dislike,
fear, envy and mistrust of Hindus
who do not subscribe to their
closed, rigid, dualistic, all
exclusive dogma.
Now the Communists have
joined their bandwagon to blame
and scapegoat Hindus as followers
of primitive traditions and irrational
spiritual and temple practices.
The Hindu hatred of the Leftists,
pseudo liberals and phony
secularists has different
dimensions. As a form of irrational
hatred, it has expressed itself in
many ways. At first, it was mostly
hatred against Hindu Darsanas,
and spiritual Sadhanas. Nowadays
Hindu hatred’s main expression is
political and couched in confusing
jargons to denigrate Hindu unity
movement. It is found in actions
and ideologies that call for the
destruction of Hindu temples,
spiritual movements, yoga,
meditation, Ayurveda, Hindu
educational institutions and Hindu
cultural practices. Communist
hatred of Hindu Darsnana includes
the rejection of Hindu spiritual
tradition and their right to live and
flourish individually and collectively.
It has taken religious, pseudo-
scientific, pseudo-liberal and
political forms. Most often Hindu
hatred is used by Communists to
deflect criticism against Jihadi
terrorism, coercive religious
conversion and political corruption.
Leftists and pseudo liberals
may find complex reality of Jihadi
terrorism and Christian
fundamentalism too tragic to
grapple and prefer to deny the
clear and present danger we are
currently facing. The Communists
have deliberately failed to
recognize that Islam and
Christianity practice religious
apartheid-always have-and still
practice it.
In their latest diatribe and blame
game, the Communists have
collaborated with Muslim Jihadis
and Christian fundamentalists in
scapegoat Hindus for not allowing
non-Hindus to enter our sacred
Guruvayoorappan Temple. The
latest salvo is the Communist’s
inchoate anger directed at Hindus
who refuse to assimilate to the
Communist agenda. Denial of entry
for non-Hindus at Guruvayoor
temple, we are told (falsely) is
caused by general discrimination
practiced by Hindus against non-
Hindus. What we are never told
is that practice of Hinduism is
required for entry at the sacred
Guruvayoor temple. Over the last
few years, the Communists and
phony liberals have portrayed non-
entry of non-Hindus at Guruvayoor
Temple, as a major threat to
There are many reasons, why
temples cannot become a tourist
center. First and foremost that the
temple is a spiritual center. The
temple is a place where GOD may
be approached and where divine
knowledge can be discovered. The
dedication of the body of the
worshipper to the deity is
necessary preclude to ceremonial
worship. In this rite the worshipper
purifies and consecrates each part
of his person that he may become
fit to appear before a GOD. No
man should enter a temple as
long as he himself has not become
a deity. “To worship a deity, a
man must become the self of that
deity through dedication, breath
control, and concentration until his
body becomes the deity’s abode”
(Gandharva Tantra).
Commercial film producers and
play back singers belonging to
Christian and Islamic faiths, who
produce, market and profit
Guruvayoorappan films and songs
do not qualify to enter Guruvayoor
temple unless they practice Hindu
spiritual sadhanas. Atheists, moral
agnostics, anti-Hindu communists
have no reason to enter Guruvayoor
temple and desecrate the spiritual
It is a classic, brutal
Communist blame game
masquerading as a progressive
campaign to help ant-Hindu forces.
It is a deceptive game at both
preserving and protecting the
privileged statuesque of Islam and
Christianity while at the same
time making leftists feel
“progressive”. Communist blame
game is part of the Christian,
Muslim, Communist plan to
oppress Hindus and prepare them
for conversion. The point here is
that Christians, Muslims and
Communists are soul mates and
Dr. Babu Suseelan
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
their blaming the victim is very old
game that takes an especially
obnoxious quality when buttressed
by smug liberal platitudes.
Sadly, much of our public
swallows it whole. And there
is no end of it in sight.
Communist Hindu hatred
precludes them from
questioning brutal,
discriminatory practices of
Islam and Christianity. Leftist
liberals prefer to blame Hindus for
Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious
conversion and subversive activities
by anti-national forces. By aligning
with Islamic and Christian forces
and ignoring their discriminating
practices, Communists benefit
greatly themselves from the way
things are. Only the Hindu unity
movement disturbs communists.
What they do not want is any sort
of fundamental change, which
might result in reduction of privilege
for Christians and Muslims.
It is one of the characteristics of
Communist Hindu bashing that
restrict them from exposing the evil
practices of Islam and Christianity.
Jihadi terrorism today poses the
greatest threat to Indian civilization.
In our left-wing dominated political
climate we are told that terrorism
arises from Hindu activism. Jihadi
terrorism including bombing,
beheading, bus burning, and temple
attacks, torture and hijacking are
simply a reaction to Hindu
assertiveness. The twisted logic of
the Communists earns them
applause from the Jihadi terrorists
and their sponsors. Communists
never support for the inclusion of
women as members of the clergy
of the Roman Catholic Church. In
Islam, women have fewer rights than
men with regard to marriage, divorce,
civil rights, legal status, dress code
and education. Muslims feel that
the Koran and Sunnah mandate
these restrictions as explicated by
Sharia, or Islamic law. Islam is
deeply anti-woman. Islam has
always considered woman as
creatures inferior in every way
physically, intellectually, and
morally. Communists are aware that
Islam is deeply anti-woman. We
hear daily about Islamic oppression
and misogyny (female illiteracy,
honor killing, female genital
mutilation, forced marriages,
physical abuse). Communists are
eager to join with Muslim clergy to
justify these atrocities with
supposed religious dictates and self-
serving interpretations of scripture.
Saudi Arabia restricts entry of non-
Muslims to Mecca. Catholics never
allow a third world Bishop to become
a Pope. The obsessive neutrality of
Communists on such apartheid
practices suggests their irrational
reality orientation, and their
eagerness to identify with the
The Catholic Church does not
allow married and women priests.
They protect orthodoxy and not
cave in to modern social mores.
The Communist response to these
oppressive practices is silence.
Phony liberals and leftists are
unable to acknowledge their own
shortcomings, and present danger
of Jihadi Islam and Catholic
apartheid. The present predicament
of the leftists indicates their Hindu
hatred; blindness and stupidity are
crippled by a real inability to think
clearly and rationally.
It is patriotic to criticize
one’s country in order to
improve it-but it is foolish and
dangerous to focus on the
majority Hindus who are
tolerant, peace loving. Ignoring
human rights violation of
Islamic and Christian nations
and Jihadi terrorism is the betrayal
of truth and the denial of the
danger. Hindu hatred may function
as a way for the Communist to
feel powerful-not by really solving
their own problems but by finding
a sacred scapegoat to blame and
ritually sacrifice.
[Communist beauty Ms Brinda
Karat denounces Swamy Ram
Dev, who is teaching how to
alleviate pain through Yogic and
Praanayaama practices. But she
and her Fronts like Jana Vignana
Vedika are dead silent about
Christian evangelists holding
“Swasthata Kutamis” staging fake
instant cures by the evangelist,
touted as ‘World-famous’. Some
of these merchants of Christian
religion hold Doctorates and
degrees – awarded by theological
universities run by Church-people.
The ‘degrees’ relate to studies in
Bible, not any useful subject.
– Editor]
Alfred B. Ford
Alfred B. Ford
Alfred B. Ford
Alfred B. Ford
Alfred B. Ford
F o r m e t h e m o s t
F o r m e t h e m o s t
F o r m e t h e m o s t
F o r m e t h e m o s t
F o r m e t h e m o s t
important thing is to spread
important thing is to spread
important thing is to spread
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about the soul. This is more
about the soul. This is more
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about the soul. This is more
about the soul. This is more
important than any other
important than any other
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important than any other
important than any other
knowledge and is my main
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Communist beauty Ms Brinda Karat
denounces Swamy Ram Dev, who is
teaching how to alleviate pain through Yogic
and Praanayaama practices. But she and
her Fronts like Jana Vignana Vedika are
dead silent about Christian evangelists
holding “Swasthata Kutamis” staging fake
instant cures by the evangelist, touted as
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
he UPA government’s
approach to the well-being of
Muslims is threatening to inject
an insidious poison into Indian
politics, whose ramifications for
all Indian citizens are too dreadful
to contemplate. There is
absolutely no doubt that in the
wake of the horrendous violence
unleashed in Gujarat, and the
haunting spectre of Hindutva forces,
Indian society and politics need
to do much more to ensure that
Muslims are not targeted in the
unconscionable ways that they
have been in the recent past.
There is also no doubt that
Muslim politics has been faced
with a deep existential crisis. For
all the visibility of Muslim film
stars and cricketers, there is
considerable evidence to suggest
that independent India has done
a bad job of integrating Muslims
into the mainstream of politics, or
public institutions. Muslim
representation in the police, civil
service and other public services
is woefully inadequate. The literacy
and poverty gap between Muslims
and non-Muslims has been
growing; Muslims have not
participated in the phenomenal
growth of the Indian middle class.
But, more disquietingly, the project
of building a common civic life,
where institutions incorporate all
communities, has been set back
in recent years. Spaces where
members of all communities are
socialised in the project of common
citizenship are diminishing rather
than gaining in strength.
Moreover since Independence,
there has not been any form of
genuine Muslim politics. The space
for creating such a politics has
been closed. Externally, the terms
of Muslim inclusion in Indian
politics have been circumscribed
by the dominant political
configuration of the moment.
Initially, this took the form of
Congress’ desire that Muslims
remain a supplicant minority,
dependent upon Congress’
benevolence. So it was always
necessary for Congress to create
circumstances that emphasised
their separation rather than
integration: witness what Congress
did to ensure that Muslims were
not educated in common
institutions. For years the state
would rather fund religious
madarsas than secular Urdu-
medium schools. Then, Hindutva
forces effectively closed off space
for a meaningful Muslim politics.
Internally, few Muslim political
leaders have had the imagination
to create a space to do justice
to the diverse needs of the
community without succumbing to
extremism or a politics of
What is it that has led Muslims
to be less than full participants in
India’s common political life? What
is it that allowed Hindutva to
gather such political fervor? What
has led them down a path where
they remain deprived in many
respects? This is a complex
question, but one central element
of an answer is this. The state’s
approach to the development of
Muslims has been premised on
one fallacious assumption: that
the best way of serving the
interests of Muslims is to target
them as Muslims. Almost six
decades after Independence, after
the impoverishment of Muslims
these policies have produced, after
the blood strewn politics this
approach spawned, it is time to
question this assumption. Muslims
in India will be far safer and more
empowered, not when we, at every
step, heighten the consciousness
of majorities and minorities as
separate groups, to whom flows of
funds be audited and represented
separately. Rather, Muslims will
be better served when the
distinction between majority and
minority becomes irrelevant to
participation in public life and
Of course, Hindus and Muslims
will have different vestments in
their identities; but the whole point
of our constitutional project is to
make these vestments less salient
for participation in the modern
economy and politics. Everything
that the UPA is proposing with
respect to Muslims, from
reservations to separate auditing,
is retrograde with respect to this
ambition. Of course, Muslims need
to be given access to greater
opportunities, but both moral
principle and political prudence
suggest that there is no reason
to structure these opportunities for
them qua Muslims. The politics of
token representation will do nothing
to address the well-being of those
Muslims whose needs are urgent.
If we figure out a way of creating
an education revolution in UP and
Bihar, if we can address the
problems of public services in
urban slums, poor Muslims will
automatically benefit. Reservation
has never been an effective anti-
poverty measure. Genuine
opportunities for Muslims will not
come from ghettoising them into
Pratap Bhanu Mehta
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
third-rate institutions we designate
as minority; it will come from
preparing them for participating in
general institutions of excellence.
A Congress government, with
merely 145 seats, is threatening
to undo a wise constitutional
consensus that marked Indian
politics by introducing reservations
along religious lines. This will only
heighten competition within
religious groups for concessions
from the state. Neither the majority
nor minority will be secure if
religious competition intensifies.
Rather, this competition has to be
defused and the only way to do
so is to refuse to make religion
an axis along which rights,
privileges and public provision is
allocated. Gujarat may have
created a revulsion against aspects
of Hindutva politics, but the
Congress is gambling too much
with history, too much with the
lives of innocent people, if it is
complacent about the backlash its
own brand of political division will
The prime minister has many
virtues. But he is letting the
insidious poison of reservation
politics, and division along religious
lines, dominate the political
agenda, as if it were an
inconsequential technicality. What
will remain of the PM’s authority
if extremists like Arjun Singh are
allowed to sacrifice the long-term
interests of the nation for some
warped notion of expedience? It
would be hugely disappointing if
his premiership was judged by
history to create the very
conditions for the revival of Hindutva
that Congress politics in the ’80s
Source: The New Indian
(1) Marxist Seminary –
Jawaharlal Nehru University
- Smt Usha Balaji
It is as well that the Prime
Minister Sri Manmohan Singh has
been shown black flags and that
he was shouted down for a long
while when he visited the Jawaharlal
Nehru University on the 14
Nov 05 to address students there
on Nehru’s birthday. In return for
the street-smart support that
communist parties and their fellow
-traveling intellectuals gave to Smt.
Indira Gandhi in her fight against
the old Congress after she split
the Indian National Congress in
1969, very tall communist leaders
like Mohan Kumara Mangalam, a
Central Committee Member and
other communists joined Congress
party and steered it to extreme
leftism unheard of in the history
of the Indian National Congress of
Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel,
and Mahatma Gandhi. In return for
the demonstrations and
demoralization of the old Congress,
communists extracted their pound
of flesh namely, the establishment
of the Jawaharlal Nehru University
by Indira Gandhi. Ever since it has
become a seminary of Marxism.
The Jawaharlal Nehru University
does not teach science or
engineering but only economics,
history, sociology, anthropology,
international relations, women
studies and such which are
ideologically reconstructed to pump
Marxism into those who pass
through the Jawaharlal Nehru
University. The Marxists have a
remarkable achievement in that
not only the Jawaharlal Nehru
University but other central
universities like those in Hyderabad
and elsewhere also draw their
faculty from this seminary in
Delhi. Every communist party from
the right to the PWG has its
students wing in this seminary.
The notorious project about
the history of India’s independence
movement and the capsule history
during the Emergency are some
of the great inventions in
historiography indulged in by the
Marxists. They have also injected
Marxists into the HRD Ministry
which perhaps with the exception
of Sri P.V.Narasimha Rao has
always been headed by a resident
-non-Indian (RNI) or Marxist, fellow
travels progressive “secularists”.
The well -springs of our education,
our academia are being poisoned
by this Marxist seminary which
can be compared to Islamists
Madrasas and Christian
theological seminaries, in preparing
jihadis and missionaries for
evangelism – that is, gaining
converts and recruits for Marxist
revolution to usher in a dictatorship
of the proletariat. If India does not
deal with this seminary in time,
there will be incalculable damage.
The sooner it is closed or unhinged
from government funds and
patronage, it is better.
(2) UPA - Separate
Minority Budget
- Dr Hilda Raja
The UPA government has
embarked on a suicidal path in its
proposal to unveil ‘minority welfare’
Budget. Why is the Congress
determined to keep the nation
divided on religious lines? The 15
point program which it has
envisaged in the ‘minority Welfare’
Budget is actually anti-minority
welfare because it fractions the
allocation and caps it down
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
“Those who carry on great public schemes must be proof against the most fatiguing delays, the most
mortifying disappointments, the most shocking insults and what is most of all, the presumptuous judgement
of the ignorant.” - Edmund Burke
according to the ratio of the
minority population in each State.
For example the 18.4 percent
allocation will be further fractioned
among the total States and then
further fractioned according to the
population in each State. So what
trickles down to each minority
group will be peanuts and will
hardly affect any substantial
change. Another catch is the
categorization of minority groups
in each State .The Muslims,
Christians,Sikhs, Jains, Parees
and Buddhists are minorities by
religions. Then what about the
linguistic minorities? The 15 point
program will open the Pandora’s
Box. Apart from this the anti-
secularism of the Scheme is
overtly and covertly ultra
Constitutional and hence it will not
stand the test of legality. Another
dimension is that it is brazenly
divisive and ghettos the population
within religious fences. One fails
to comprehend how the UPA
government can think of such a
disastrous, anti- Constitutional
scheme. Can a State budget use
religion as an indicator for financial
allocation? What would one call
such a government? How can the
CPM and the Leftist parties which
support the UPA government allow
this? To watch silently the Cabinet
decisions and then go to the
roads is a deception strategy. The
DMK and the MDMK leaders
profess to be atheists and still are
abettors to this ‘theocratization’
process. The State has no
business to direct its budget on
the basis of religion-such a move
cuts the very roots of secularism.
The media should stop tagging the
Congress and its allies under the
‘secular forces umbrella. There is
not an iota of secular orientation
in the Congress. Its mindset is
deeply entrenched in
communalism. Abetting any
religion be it minority or majority
is communalism. But for the
Congress and its allies abetting
Hinduism alone is communal and
its minorityism is not
communalism. No matter what
intentions the Congress attributes
to its Minority scheme it is not
a positive affirmative action but a
retrograde action which will hinder
the integration of the minorities in
the main stream. It seems to me
that the Congress is bent on
taking the country backwards and
is keen on keeping the minorities
fenced in for its own vested interest.
The Minority Welfare Budget is
nothing but a factional scheme to
fracture this nation for there can
be no Justice by fractions.
(3) Stopping Conversion of
Christians – Not Hindus
- Smt T Mani Chowdary
Urged by the Government of
Mizoram, Government of India has
prevailed upon Israel from
reclaiming and repatriating the
6000 and odd Members of the
Bnei Menashe tribe, one of the
10 lost tribes of Israelites
mentioned in the Old Testament
of the Bible. Israel have a sad
tale of repeated expulsions from
their land. Israelites were once
taken into Babylonian captivity;
when into the Egyptian captivity
and finally most of them were
dispersed throughout the provinces
of Rome. One such dispersed
tribe vended its way into what
is now called Mizoram, over 1900
years ago. After the refounding
state of Israel in 1948, that state
has been searching for, locating
and gathering all the Jews that
had been dispersed through the
world and who are willing to come
back to the holy land of Israel.
There is an elaborate process to
determine whether any group of
people claiming to be Israelites
are indeed so. It includes DNA
The people of Mizoram had
been converted to Christianity in
the last 60-70 years by
missionaries flocking into north-
east, filled with funds from all over
the world. The Bnei Menashe
tribe has been practicing Judaism
in its most elementary form.
Rabbis from Israel had been
coming to the north- east,
hearing the claims of those who
say they are Israelites and after
due verification and a process of
purification or re-conversion rites,
people of this lost tribe are
facilitated to emigrate to Israel.
Already a few thousand such
people from the north -east had
been gathered in Israel.
Now the Christian government
of Mizoram wants that these
people should become Christians
and not rejoin Judaism. That
government is objecting to the
so called conversion which in fact
is reclamation of the Jews back
to Judaism. The government of
India which is presided over by
anti-Hindu elements is agreeing to
the demand of the Christian
government of Mizoram for non-
conversion of their prospects. This
Government of India and several
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
other governments preceding it
and in states have been blind to
the large scale conversion of SC
& ST and some weaker sections
of Hindus to Christianity by
hundreds of missionaries, funded
to the extent of billions of dollars
every year. Agreeing to the
Christian demand that the Jews
should not be-reclaimed to Judaism
and stopping their exodus but not
agreeing to the Hindus’ demand
that there should be a ban on
conversions by business -like
missionary enterprise (whose sole
purpose and business plan is to
repay harvest of Hindu -Buddhist
souls to Christianity as called
upon by the Pope at the turn of
the last millennium) is patent
unconcern for Hindu interest in
regard to conversion and abject
surrender to the demands of an
aggressively proselytizing religious
minority in the name of secularism.
Once again the face of secularism
as propounded and practiced by
its votaries in India is proving
to be anti-Hinduism and facilitation
of proselytizing Hindus and de-
Hinduising. India ideologies. If the
champions of the right to
practice, profess and propagate
religion have any conscience and
honesty, they should demand of
the GOI to rescind objections
to Israel reclaiming its lost tribes
back to Judaism and Israel.
(4) Marxist Madrassa
- Smt T Mani Chowdary
“Little Stalinists” (The New
Indian Express dtd.16/11/05) is a
bold statement of the truth of
what Jawaharlal Nehru University
(JNU) is. This was a gift of Indira
Gandhi for the services rendered
by the communist party and
Marxist journalists, writers and
intellectuals who supported Indira
Gandhi in her hour of greatest
challenge namely, splitting the
Congress in 1969 and overawing
the old Congress. The Marxists
extracted this gift of JNU from
her. The JNU is nothing but a
Marxist madrasa or a seminary.
Like the Madrasas, it does not
teach science or engineering or
modern commerce and trade but
every faculty there is devoted to
the teaching of Marxist dogma.
It has also been supplying from
its ranks or from fellow in
Marxists outside, faculty for other
central universities. It is serving to
inject Marxists into the IAS, IFS
and IPS cadres to ultimately
subvert the state. The financial
resources of the government
should be more usefully spent
upon upgrading our science &
engineering colleges and
universities and research
institutions rather than be
squandered them on the
production of Marxist jihadis in
JNU. It would be good to close
it down or completely withdraw
government grants and require it
to fend for itself.
(5) Fair and Free
- A Sujatha
The defeat of the combine of
Lallo Prasad’s RJD and its allies
the Congers and CPM in Bihar in
the just concluded elections to the
Legislative Assembly shows what
could have been the result in the
previous elections even if they
were also as free and fair and
there had been now and there was
no rigging. It is very likely that
if in West Bengal also, where
the communist parties have been
resorting to scientific rigging as
brought out by Pioneer on several
occasions, the Marxist combine
could be defeated by an alliance
of the Congress, the Trinamul
Congress and the BJP; or even
if it is there is no alliance but
only seat adjustment. The defeat
of the Marxist is very necessary
because under their rule for the
last 28 years, not only has West
Bengal been pauperised but it
is inundated by the Bangladeshi
Muslims infiltrators. Most of
these appear to have been enrolled
as voters for the communists. If
the Election Commission could be
severe and sincere as in the case
of the just concluded elections
in Bihar, West Bengal could be
saved for India from being becoming
the nucleus of Mughalisthan as
envisaged by the Muslim
intellectual Prof. Amar Abbas (
Dec 2000 Economic and Political
Weekly). His formulation for
Mughalisthan is exactly like
Rahmatulla’s for Pakistan in the
1930. It took just about 10 years
for the two-nation theory to come
up decisively and another 7 years
for Pakistan to be realized. On
that analogy a Mughalisthan
could come by 2017 if West
Bengal and Assam are not
saved from the Marxists’ scientific
(6) Suvaartha Swasthata
- R Srinivas
A Christian evangelical
organization has been advertising
a Suvaartha Swasthata Assembly
from the 11
of Nov in Hyderabad.
It is inviting people of all faiths
and religions to come to the
Assembly and get healed by the
grace of obviously, Jesus Christ
and through this message of
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
Communists, rationalists, Jana
Vignana Vedika activists had been
year, after year denouncing the
fish medicine for Asthama given
to tens of thousands of people
who flock to this traditional event
in Hyderabad. Is it not curious
that these groups are absolutely
silent about these frequently held
(fake) faith cures in the name of
Jesus Christ by the evangelists?
Their silence once again confirms
that Marxists and Jana Vignana
Vedika and students and other
wings of the communist parties
have Hinduism as their enemy
Number One, so plainly and
stridently and publicly expressed
by Com.Ramakrishna of the Maoist
Communist Party at the reception
given him by a number of Dalits
and Chrristian organisations in
Hyderabad in Oct 2004. It is this
selective enmity to Hinduism in
the name of science and
rationalism that is alienating
communists from the people
of this land especially in A P
where inspite a 70 year long
presence, less than 5% of the
people are voting for them [and
that too when they are in alliance
with Cong (I) or TDP]
(7) Corruption
- Smt T. Mani Chowdary
Long ago, Indira Gandhi
famously said that “corruption is a
global phenomenon”. So how could
she, her progeny, her proprietary
party Congress and Congressmen
be exempt from the global
phenomenon? If her son (and
grandson) can be benefited by her
sacrifices and services why should
not Natwar Singh, the Dynasty-
faithful, benefit his son in the “Oil
for Food” program of the UN; why
cannot Lalloo Prasad benefit from
the “Fodder for Cattle” program? If a
person with 34 criminal charges and
8 non-bailable warrants can
continue to be an Hon’ble MP; if a
Cabinet Minister wanted by the
police can go “under-ground”; if a
Chief Minister can appoint his
friends, relatives and financiers as
Advisers, Chairman of PSUs etc;
why should Natwar Singh resign?
The communist parties are
consistent; they received Soviet
KGB money; they denied and so are
honourable. So they defend
Congress and Natwar Singh who
also received money, this time from
the secular, NAM warrior Saddam
Hussein who ruled his country and
people as well as Stalin. Taking
money from whomsoever it can be
had is no matter of shame. It is
global practice, endorsed by Indiraji
herself and embraced by globalising
(8) Islam in Paris
- S Krishnaveni
For nine successive days (Oct
28 to 5 Nov 05) Paris burned 519
cars were set ablaze. Houses
were vandalized and the French
were still battling with the vandals;
- Moslem Youth; immigrants from
Europeans’ former Colonies.
Among the European countries,
France has the highest Moslem
population, about 7% of the
country’s total. Why are Moslems
rioting? Precisely the same
reasons as in India! France’s
Moslems say they are
discriminated, they are kept poor
and backward and the French
government and police are biased
against them; their girl students
are not allowed to wear the veil;
their religious sentiments are
offended; they are suspected to
be aiding the jihadi terrorist
It will be to the good of the
world that the European and
American nations have first hand
experience of Moslems in their
midst and their affirmation of
special-ness of them; of their being
part of a multi-national umma; of
their disbelief in territorial patriotism
and nationality; of the Islamic
Declaration of Human Rights
setting them apart from other
humans whose nations acceded
to the UN’s Universal Declaration
of Human Rights; special God-
ordained personal laws ( marriage,
divorce, women, adultery, rape
[elucidated in Imrana case]) and
so on. Ultimately, either humanity
will prevail or Islam will prevail.
Paris burning, London and Delhi
exploding etc., will be educative.
(9) Encroachment in the
Name of Minority Rights
- M. Nagender Goud
In Guntur a public property is
encroached upon and construction
of a compound wall on the
encroached land is undertaken,
declaring the site as a place of
worship by minority, the Muslim
community. When this
encroachment is objected to,
Muslims gathered in number
became very aggressive and
demonstrated saying that their
freedom to worship is curtailed
and that their religious sentiments
are outraged. Promptly does a
Muslim MLA of the place appear
there; he admonishes those who
object to the encroachment of
public places and assures his
community that he will see that
the encroached land belongs to
them. This is simple aggression
by an easily aroused mob in the
name of religion. These are
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
bringing into disbelief the oft-
repeated assertion that Islam is
a religion of peace. These people
are making their religion one of
aggression and lawlessness by
wanting that whatever they
encroach must become their
legal possession.
It is this spirit of aggression
and lawlessness that is imperiling
harmony between different
communities not only in our
country but in several countries
across the world, the latest
evidence of which is the burning
of Paris for more than 10 days,
a similarly enraged mob attacked
the host countrymen and burnt
hundred of cars and damaged
properties. The Christian French
are abandoning their homes in
areas dominated by Muslims,
exactly like in India.
Wise and learned men in this
community must prevent the
followers of their faith from
becoming aggressive, lawless and
vandalizing. So very often fatwas
are issued; it may be worthwhile
if fatwas are issued against
encroachments and aggressive
actions, my Moslems.
(10)Paris Burning
- G Padma Reddy
The Prime Minister of Turkey,
Recep Tayyip Erdogan who rose
from the now disbanded Islamist
National Salvation Party said, that
the eruption of violence and the
burning of Paris by Muslim mobs
France since 28 Oct 05 is due to
that country banning the wearing
of head scarves by Muslim girls
in French schools.
The bombing in the London
underground and its Metro buses
by Muslims was in protest against
England’s joint action with America
against Saddan Hussain’s Iraq.
The blowing up of the World
Trade Center in New York was
due to the presence of American
forces on the sacred Islamic soil
of Arabia. The terrorism and the
ethnic cleansing of Hindus from
the Kashmir valley is due to the
presence of the Indian armed
forces in that area. The bombings
in Bali was due to the sinful
mainly Australians ranged against
Muslims polluting Islamic way of
life. Islamists want that every
country where Muslim populations
are there, even if they be 2% to
5%, must act according to the
wishes and sentiments of the
Muslims. It is the same in India
also. The Muslim minority forced
the partition of the country. The
Muslim minority is once again
asking for reservations for
admission to educational
institutions and government jobs,
of course, to be followed by
separate electorates. All this
appears to be due to the belief
and faith of Moslems that the
whole world is given to them and
all others must be converted to
their faith. They are God’s
chosen people. Can the civilized
world where non-Muslims are
80% accept the dictates and
wishes and sentiments of
Islamists? Western nations who
were lecturing to India about
minority i.e Moslem rights are
beginning to have good taste of
what the presence of a sizable
(upwards of 3%) Moslem presence
among them means.
(11) AMU
- Dr Hilda Raja
The UPA government’s two
moves are not only anti- people
but also a clear indication of its
communalism: the fact that it is
toying with the idea of promulgating
an ordinance to nullify the
Allahabad High Court’s judgment
quashing the Central law, which
gave the Aligarh Muslim University
its minority status and the passing
of the Central Act which keeps out
the Minority self financing
Institutions from falling under the
quota system. In the first case it
is a travesty of justice for the
Central Government which is
expected and bound to uphold the
Constitution mulling to violate it by
an Ordinance. It is dangerous to
have a government which does not
uphold the Constitution, does not
respect it, and does not hesitate
to tamper with it to suit its agenda
of staying in power. But then the
Congress has never been a
respecter of the Constitution. The
imposition of the Emergency by
Indira Gandhi is a standing example
of this. In the second case to
exempt the unaided Minority Instit
utions from its social commitment
makes a mockery of the whole
reservation policy. What is the
logic of the unaided non minority
institutions be obliged to follow the
quota system and the unaided
Minority Institutions freed from
such an obligation? It simply goes
to prove the discrimination, and
the communalism of the UPA
government. An extra-constitutional
power has been thrust upon us,
and now are we to tolerate anti-
constitutionalism? A government
is expected to respect the
judgments and views of the
judiciary and not look for loopholes
to negate these- especially when
it is clear that there is no legality,
logic and no compulsions for such
moves of the Government. It proves
beyond doubt the Congress’
appeasement policy and its vested
interest to garner votes at all
costs-lawful and/ or unlawful.
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
(12)Traitors Tolerated?
- Lingam Goud
Where is Bangladesh and where
is Nalgonda (A P)?
(‘Stirred. Not Shaken, a story
in The Week 15.1.06).
How did this foreigner, Abdul
Rehman enter our country? Who
has been hosting and financing
him and who are facilitating his
LeT operations in India? His two
brothers also entered India! The
Andhra Pradesh Police gave a tip
off to Karnataka police but did not
arrest this jihadi and his brothers.
Why? Another jihadi who killed
a Superintendent of Police of
Andhra Pradesh, point blank and
sentenced to life imprisonment
was amnestied when the Congress
(I) government took office in May
2004 in Andhra Pradesh. He
again carried out the bomb-attack
on the office of the Special (Police)
Task Force set up in Hyderabad
to tackle terrorists! Amnesty for
him was pleaded for their Majlis-
Ittehadul-Muslimeen (MIM),
successor to the notorious
Razakars in the erstwhile Nizam’s
Dominions and All India Muslim
Personal Law Board and Police
Officers screening the list knew
the antecedents of Amjad but did
not object. And the ‘secular’
Congress (I) government obliged
them. (It is now cancelled at the
instance of the Central
It is obvious that there are
traitors in India, and their
sympathizers in governments, who
are in cahoots with Pakistan’s ISI
and its Jihadi outfits. Is there any
nation in the world which like India
so well ignores the traitors and
their activities against the state,
people, legislatures and even
scientific and educational
establishments? Is this what is
meant by tolerance, composite
culture and ‘secularism’?
(13) Inheriting Crown
- S Raghava Rao
Thousands of banners with
Rahul Gandhi as the star of next
generation were put up all over
Hyderabad in connection with the
Congress plenary session. The
front pages of all local newspapers
carried big head lines speculating
him to be in the executive
committee and as Prime Minister
in waiting. What a fall, country
We abolished princes,
zamindars and their hereditary
succession. A new ruling dynasty
is assuming power – Indira Gandhi,
Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, as
dowager super-PM and her son,
Rahul. None of these have any
University education and degree.
All are dropouts.
But they are properly born or
related. And Congressmen, millions
of them, have none among them
who can be a true leader. What
emasculation, what degeneration!
And what is the message to the
youth? Do not worry about
education. Merit, social service,
just be born to a proper parent or
marry into a proper family. You
can inherit the crown.
(14) IIM (B) in Singapore
- T. Mani Chowdary
While Communist China has
allowed two British Universities to
have their campuses and offer
courses and degrees, while
communist China is canvassing
for Indian students to study
medicine in its universities, while
the UK, Australia, New Zealand
and even Hungary and Singapore
are advertising and canvassing for
Indian students to study in their
universities, while the NIIT is
delivering computer education in
52 countries through the medium
of not only English but also
French, Russian, Chinese Spanish
and Arabic, while the D.C. Jain
college of the Bharatiya Vidya
Bhavan is having a campus in
the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
and while Singapore is welcoming
our country’s IIMs, is it not
absolutely illogical and reactionary
that Sri Arjun Singh, the HRD
Minister is not allowing IIM
Bangalore to open a campus in
Singapore? And what is his
reason? There are so many Indians
hungering for quality management
education and IIMs should first
cater to them and then only go
out”. Sri Arjun Singh’s argument
is absolutely illogical and
untenable especially when we see
that while there are so many poor
and destitute people in America,
Christian churches and missions
of that country are sending
hundreds of millions of dollars
to, in their words, succor the
poor in India. ( though through this
“service” they are buying
converts). As Sri Narayan Murthy
of Infosys has wisely and boldly
said, Indian governments should
keep off the education sector,
especially at the university
(15) Teesta Setalwad,
are you there?
- Ch. David Raj
Smt. Teesta Setalward of the
Communalism Combat and warrior
for justice to post-Godhra victims
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
has been pursuing the Best Bakery
case with single - minded passion.
The star-witness that turned hostile
in that case was pursued with
immense effort. In Kerala, 16
rapists in the sensational 1997
ice- cream parlor sex -racket have
been acquitted as 15 witnesses
including the key witness and the
victim “turned hostile”. It is widely
believed that the victims as well
as the hostile witnesses had been
tutored, threatened and are
compensated to see that the
criminals are acquitted. Will Teesta
Seetalwad be consistent and fight
for truth and justice in the Kerala
case also or is her passion limited
only if the victims are of a
particular community?
(16) Maulana, Haj House
and LeT
- M. Nagender Goud
One Maulana Gulab Nahya ilahi
of the Haj House, Mumbai has
been arrested by the Maharashtra
anti-terror police squad. His
nationality is unknown though he
claimed to be coming from 24
Paraganas of West Bengal. Most
likely, he is a Bangladeshi jihadist
and co-conspirator. This Ilahi has
given shelter in Mumbai’s Haj
House to Lashkar-e-Toiba jihadis
of Pakistan operating from
Bangladesh. He is also found to
have transmitted Rs.20 lakhs from
Mumbai to terrorists in Kashmir.
It is obvious that there is a 5
column of ISI and jihadists in
India. It is sheltering, hosting,
financing and facilitating terrorists
injected into India from Bangladesh
and Pakistan. Is it not proper and
necessary that all the safe houses
even in the places of worship or
pilgrimage and homes should be
blown up and those involved with
the foreign terrorists’ activities are
dis-enfranchised and stripped of
their nationality? Jihadists have
declared war on India. Just as
President Roosevelt interned some
Japanese during World War-I, it is
necessary that India collects all
the suspects and puts them in an
isolated place till the war is
1 1 1
- Priyadarsi Dutta
From its beginning, Islam has
been a terrorist movement,” said
Martin Henriksen, spokesman of
Danish People’s Party (DF) on
educational affairs. It is ironic that
only a few days
ago Mr
Henriksen was
appointed to that
party post in
place of Ms
Louise Frevert.
Ms Frevert,
who was also
the mayoral
candidate for
C o p e n h a g e n ,
was removed by
the party from her
position and
candidacy for comparing Muslims
with tumours in a statement on
her website. But her successor
had proven to be more outspoken.
Mr Henriksen deconstructed the
designs of Islam like this: “It’s well
known that Islam is lying low,
well-knowing that no Islamic group
or State has the military power it
takes to conquer us. The goal we
know, the method is to quietly
take over and infiltrate our
democratic institutions.”
Will DF have removed Mr
Henriksen by the time this piece
appears remains a matter of
conjecture? But it is surely beyond
the party’s capacity to remove the
Queen of Denmark. Her Excellency
Margrethe’s authorised biography
written by journalist Annelise
Bistrup came out in April last.
The Queen said Denmark
should take the Islamic challenge
seriously: “We have let this issue
float around too long because we
are tolerant and rather lazy.” She
went on: “... And when we are
tolerant, we must know it is
because of our convenience or
It’s heartening to see that a
part of political leadership in
Denmark, a country of 5.4 million,
where Muslims
comprise only
three per cent,
had chosen to
blow the whistle.
as Arab riots
broke out in
France in
October, there
was an intifada
in Arhus
Denmark where
Muslims were
heard chanting:
“This land belongs to us, this is
our area, we rule this place.”
It is time Europe, the political
laboratory of the world that spun
democracy, secularism, socialism,
colonialism, anarchism,
communism, Nazism, Fascism and
even Zionism recognised the threat
from jihad, a 7th century doctrine
of Arab imperialism for subjugating
territory, demography and minds
of its victims in perpetual slavery
under the green banner of Islam.
Between 16th and 19th
century they besieged
European maritime commerce,
carried off White European
men and women for slavery
and concubinage. A
legendary pirate of that era
was Khair-ud-Din alias
‘Barbarosa’, whom the
Ottoman Empire made its
naval admiral in 1529 CE.
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
Between November 28-30 last,
an UN-sponsored gimmick was
staged in Palma de Mallorca,
Balearic Islands (Spain) in the
name of ‘Alliance of Civilisations’.
There Turkish Prime Minister Recep
Tayipp Erdogan, and former Iranian
President Mohammed Khatami
repeated the cliché that Islam is
a religion of peace and love rather
than war. However, this claim
cannot measure up with Europe’s
historical experience.
One remembers how during
the late Middle Ages not only the
coastlines and islands of
Mediterranean Europe but also far
off countries like Ireland, Britain,
and Iceland were exposed to the
attacks of Barbary Corsairs (Arab
pirates) with their bases in Morocco,
Algiers, Tunisia and Triplotania.
Between 16th and 19th century
they besieged European maritime
commerce, carried off White
European men and women for
slavery and concubinage. A
legendary pirate of that era was
Khair-ud-Din alias ‘Barbarosa’,
whom the Ottoman Empire made
its naval admiral in 1529 CE. Mal-
e-Ghanimat (or Islamic legitimate
loot) was their mainstay of state
To counter the Barbary menace
on Rome, Pope Clement VIII, had
to advise Holy Roman Emperor
Charles V, to reposition the
‘Knights of Malta’ in Malta in
1533. The US had to fight two
Barbary Wars against those
Corsair states in 1801-05 and
1812. Those were America’s first
wars against terror even. It is time
Europe took an insight into the
history Islamic menace that is
staging a comeback.
Making a startling revelation,
Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil
Kumar Modi on Thursday claimed
that the family members of RJD
boss and Union Railway Minister
Lalu Prasad Yadav are in illegal
possession of 26 State Government
houses under the Animal
H u s b a n d r y
The Dy CM also
said that the Patna
district magistrate
has been given
order to vacate
those houses as
soon as possible.
I n t e r e s t i n g l y
amongst the list, the RJD chief’s
nagging nephew Nagendra Rai,
who was arrested two days back
and sent to jail in connection with
three pending criminal cases, has
the highest number of houses
under his illegal possession.
Nagendra Rai has captured
altogether seven houses, from
quarter No 3 to 11 on Road No
10 situated inside the campus of
Bihar Veterinary College.
Earlier, Mr Yadav, too, was
living at one of those quarters
located inside the veterinary college
campus. There are 125 quarters
under the AH Department, out of
which 59 are in illegal occupation
- out of which 26 are in illegal
possession of Mr Yadav’s family.
The Rashtriya Janata Dal
(RJD) and its proprietors Lalloo
Prasad Yadav and his wife
Rabri Devi are ‘secular’ heroes.
They have got dozens of
corruption cases and income
tax investigations under way.
This tainted proprietor of the
RJD is a mighty minister in the
Cabinet crafted by the Italian
born Sonia Gandhi of Bofors
fame and also a ‘secular’
The family members of RJD’s
proprietor Sri Lalloo
Prasad are in illegal
possession of 26 state
government houses
under the Animal
H u s b a n d r y
Department of Bihar.
Lalloo Prasad’s
nephew Sri Nageder
Roy who was arrested and sent
to jail in connections with three
pending criminal cases has the
highest number of houses
under his illegal possession –
seven houses situated in side
the campus of the Bihar
Veterinary College. 59 of the
125 quarters under the Animal
Husbandry Department are in
illegal occupation. Out of this
59, 26 are in the possession of
Lalloo Prasad’s family.
[Whenever any ‘secular’
warrior is charged with
corruption he immediately
accuses Hindu communal forces
conspiring to tarnish his name.
‘secularism’ has in fact become
a cover word for corruption just
as minority is a cover word for
Muslims. ‘secularism’ in India
is a stinking cap worn by most
of the corrupt, subversive,
disintegrationist, and conversion
-businessmen. - Editor]
Source: The Pioneer
Amarnath Tewary / Patna
There are 125
quarters under the
AH Department, out
of which 59 are in
illegal occupation -
out of which 26 are
in illegal possession
of Mr Yadav’s family.
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
The target of Islamists, as
witnessed in Bangalore, will
now be educational
institutions of non-Islamic
The terrorist firing at the Indian
Institute of Science in Bangalore
marks the opening of phase two
of a world war between Islamist
radicalism and five civilisations -
Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist
and Chinese. Five continents
provide the battlefields. How long
South America would be unaffected
remains to be seen. The continent
already has four million Muslim
Until Bangalore, the targets of
attack were mostly common
people. The attack on World
Trade Centre and Indian
Parliament aimed more at
national prestige. For the
first time, in Bangalore,
science and education were the
target. Going by the logic of the
Islamist ideology that the radicals
follow, this development was
No ideology is at once more
consistent and comprehensive than
the one inaugurated by Prophet
Mohammad. Once one accepts
that there is no God other than
Allah, the river of His message
spreads to every corner of human
life and yet flows on faultlessly
until it makes a delta of most
parts of the world. The non-
acceptance of any alternative God
makes it impossible for the non-
believer or kafir to attain salvation.
Paradoxically, therefore, the more
a momin or a pious Muslim cares
for a particular kafir, the more he
is anxious that he converts.
In line with this conviction.
Prophet Mohammad exhorted his
followers to ensure that at least
a majority of human beings become
Muslim by qayamat or doomsday.
Supplementary to religious
conversion was the Prophet’s
appeal for men to marry women
“who will love their husbands and
be very prolific, for I wish you to
be more numerous than any other
people” (Mishkatu’l Masabih or
Hadith). This means woman is
meant only for man’s enjoyment
and procreation.
It is this vision of Mohammad
that makes Islam opposed to
secular education. In India, we
recall how on the morrow of Lord
Macaulay’s well-known minutes on
education, the ulema advised
Muslim youth to avoid Western
science and English education.
After the mutiny of 1857, this
appeal became louder.
Until 1780, Muslims had
monopolised all the important
positions of state, reported Sir
William Hunter in his book, The
Indian Musalman. He published a
table showing the distribution of
senior officers in the Bengal of a
century later. Of all the gazetted
jobs, 1,338 were held by
Europeans, 681 by Hindus and
Muslims had only 92 positions. Of
these, 67 were either deputy
collectors or munsifs. There was
hardly any engineer or accountant.
The situation was not incidental.
It was the result of a campaign
against Western education.
A major reason for Muslims to
be attracted to Partition was that
they would be professionally
outclassed by Hindus, Christians
and Parsees in an undivided India.
They knew they were distinctly
less educated. It was not that the
ulema and other leaders were not
aware of this. Yet, instead of
encouraging the youth to join
secular schools and colleges, they
let the boys be largely consigned
to madarsas. And, the girls were
made to stay at home.
A dedicated Muslim prefers his
women folk to remain unread,
except in religious texts. The belief
is that an educated mother could
prove a hurdle in the path of the
Prophet’s desire for prolific
procreation. An
unemancipated wife would
be amenable to producing
many children. Moreover,
she would not
spontaneously realise the
importance of educating her
children. Secular education should
equip the person to question, a
phenomenon which could lead to
doubting the validity of the final
message of the Prophet. If Islam
is to be preserved and promoted
in its pristine glory, questioning
would be undesirable. Which is
why ijtehad or reinterpretation has
been discouraged by the ulema for
the past thousand years.
Not tolerating any pretension
to an alternative and an amended
vision is a part of the same
motive. The excommunication of
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his
followers, called Ahmadiyas or
Qadianis, was in line with this
intolerance. Since Osama bin
Prafull Goradia
No ideology is at once more consistent
and comprehensive than the one inaugurated
by Prophet Mohammad. Once one accepts
that there is no God other than Allah,
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
Laden launched his jihad, it was
in the nature of things that secular
education would be sooner, rather
than later, a prime target of attack.
Frightening common people or
attacking even prestigious
institutions maybe sufficient for a
beginning or as an alaap, but the
pickup or chalti must consist of
triumphs over the civilisational
treasures of the opponents.
The engine of a civilisation is
surely its science, education and
intellect. The triumphant play of
muscle was an earlier phase of
advance. The subsequent leaps of
progress came from technology,
of which today’s Islamic countries
have very little original or creative.
In fact, for the greater part of its
history, Muslim rulers have
flourished on the gains of conquest
and the exploitation of natural
resources. Borrowing considerably
from Greece and Rome, the early
Khalifas, especially the Abbasids
based in Baghdad, brought in
creative splendour. This, however,
did not last long, except in a few
spheres like architecture.
The 20th century was marked
by the Islamic world receiving an
enormous petro bonanza. More so
after the boom in petroleum prices
took place since 1973. As a
result, large tracts of West Asia
are resplendent with pomp and
luxury. But how much is the
techno-economic contribution? Its
absence is the result of
discouraging secular education and
Western science.
In this new phase of the war,
the targets would be the engines
of non-Islamic cultures in many
parts of the world. The bugle
blown in Bangalore could be
ignored only at the cost of
enormous damage.
Build an awakened,
intellectual Warrior
Community (2)
• Bhajan, katha, discourse at
every Hindu temple,
especially in villages
followed by discourse:
Inspiring stories,
Mahabharata, Ramayana,
Shivaji, Rana Pratap, Guru
• Do not put money in
Hundies of temples under
Govt management-
– Alternate management
Dharma Sabha/Bhakta
• Community celebration of
– Lokamanya’s Ganesh Puja
& Chakri Vyakhyan
• Boycott Dusta Chatustaya,
especially Christian &
Moslem Businesses,
services and employment
• Play from loud-speakers
Hindu Bhajans whenever
Christians are playing theirs
in the villages
• Expose Crypto-Christians,
passing as SCs in Govt and
PSUs – Vigilantes’ groups;
litigation, representations &
public challenge
• Expose, publicise Christian
practice of untouchability till
1994 on Blacks (Christians
included) in South Africa
• Slavery practiced by white
Christians and Moslems
and assert its absense in
(Contd., from p.5)
Build an awakened,
intellectual Warrior
Community (3)
• Canard/calumny that caste
Hindus don’t care for the
SC/ST and poor
welfare, subsidies, Welfare
Hostels, free education,
weaker section housing,
etc., are all with Hindus’
money but thro’ Govt
• Publicise the charity and
welfare work of Hindu
Intellectual Defences (1)
• Alternate JNUs – Nationalist
‘Varsities in Rajasthan,
Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh,
Chattisgarh, Jharkhand
• Radio Truth and Harmony
• TV Channel (s)
• Dailies in major Indian
• Produce Literature
• Mail free to libraries
• Agitate Kolkata Koran Case
in the US, UK, Germany,
France, Denmark,
• Alternate Padma..........
Awards to our intellectuals
like alternate Nobel
• Ban conversions in BJP
• Think-Tanks (like American
Heritage Foundation; Cato
and Brookings Institutes
• Koran and Bible and Islam
and Christian literature and
practices to be critiqued
from Hindu point of view
(Contd., on p.19)
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
Intellectual Defences (2)
Hindu “zakat” to raise funds
Committees comprising
Hindu, Mohammad,
Christian intellectuals to
inspect/monitor what is
taught in religious schools;
Madrassas, Pathasala,
Alternate School Text
Watch, investigate NGOs
which are the 5
column of
Missionaries and expose
and litigate.
Children and youth to be
specially educated
Go round the country,
US/EU Think Tanks to be
Hindu sages,
Peethadipathis and
To talk about the peril and
exhort Hindus to defend
their Dharma
To stop saying
– all religions teach the
same thing Hindu sages,
Peethadipathis and
To stop saying that :
– All are equally valid
– Tolerance is virtue and
‘Non-violence is great’
Instead, they should point
out violence, war,
intolerance, conversion
enterprises of the
prozelytising religions,
conversions are wars of
aggression. Resisting
Adharma & evil is Gita’s
UNESCO on mind cultivation
“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds
of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.”
(from UNESCO’s Constitution)
When do we learn to
“If you will not fight for the
right when you can easily win
without bloodshed; if you will
not fight when your victory
will be sure and not too
costly; you may come to the
moment when you will have
to fight with all the odds
against you and only a small
chance of survival. There may
even be a worse case: you
may have to fight when there
is no hope of victory,
because it is better to perish
than to live as slaves.”
- Winston Churchill
(Contd., from p.18)
Riots & Wrongs
It is documented in the book
Riots & Wrongs (India First Foundation, New Delhi, 2004) written by R N P
Singh, an ex-officer of India’s Intelligence Bureau who was honoured with the President’s Police Medal and
Indian Police Medal.
Statistics cited by Singh show that communal violence in India occurred in each and every year from
1954 to 1985. The total number of communal incidents in those 31 years was 8,449 (an annual average of
273), the total number of persons killed in that period was 7,229 (an annual average of 233), and the number
of persons injured in those incidents was 47,321 (anannual average of 1,526). After 1985, communal riots
have also occurred in every year from 1986 to 1995, and in 1997, 2002 (besides Gujarat), and 2003.
A Hindu Vote-Bank
If 12% to 15% Moslems
can swing and sting
If 7% (or 2.1%) Christians
can swing
Why not say, a 15% Hindu
How to create?
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
India inherited its democratic
system from the departing British
in 1947 who ruled it for several
hundred years. It is far from clear
that India had a mature and able
class of indigenous people who
could formulate a robust and
consistent constitution. It now
appears that Article 30 of Indian
Constitution not only violates the
secular character of India, but also
promotes religious discrimination
of majority and may be in violation
of Universal Declaration of Human
Rights - Adopted and proclaimed
by United Nations General
Assembly resolution 217 A (III) of
10 December 1948.
Majority Hindus are a
disadvantaged community
Article 30 of Indian constitution
has certain provisions whereby
minorities are exempt (are allowed
to discriminate on the basis of
religion, unlike majority) from
certain requirements in running
their own institutions (http://
articles/judi.htm). By and large,
Hindus are not considered minority
(even in areas where they are a
numerical minority such as Jammu
and Kashmir) but Christians and
Muslims definitely are. For
instance, according to Article 30,
minority community may reserve
up to 50 percent of the seats for
the members of its own community
in an educational institution
established and administered by it
even if the institution is getting aid
from the State.
Christian and Muslim-controlled
educational institutions in India,
encouraged by Article 30 of Indian
constitution, are found to
discriminate heavily in favor of
their religious compatriots in
employment and in student
admissions (Religious apartheid in
India and American policy
But Christians and Muslims
are not disadvantaged community
in India. Indian Christian
community has among the highest
literacy rates (53% Hindu literacy
rate vs. 81% Christian literacy
rate; literacy also implies wealth)
and Indian Muslims already have
a 25% permanent reservation of
land, wealth and opportunities
called Pakistan/Bangladesh –
almost emptied of Hindus due to
massive ethnic cleansing and
religious discrimination (and driven
away to India). Christian
community was favored by British
colonizers until sixty years ago.
Therefore, unlike America where
blacks, discriminated for centuries,
who are now given employment
preferences in the form of affirmative
action, there is little justification
for minority reservations in India.
Indeed, Islamic Partitioning of
India in 1947 has already made
Hindus the disadvantaged
community in India and these
minority reservations for
proselytizing religions such as
Christianity or Islam create
conditions of majority Hindu
religious genocide – by making
the majority poor by unfairly
excluding them from employment
and education.
This situation has already been
created in Kerala where minorities
have taken advantage of Article 30
to exclude majority Hindus from
education and employment and
driven them to poverty. This was
pointed by Prof. Issac (http://
w w w . s a v e i n d i a . c o m /
for_hindus_in_kerala_it.htm). The
jihadi movement in Kashmir is
strengthened by reservations in
favor of Muslims (http://
w w w . s a v e i n d i a . c o m /
perfect_con_job.htm, http://
w w w . s a v e i n d i a . c o m /
Universal Declaration of
Human Rights
Article 23 of the Universal
Declaration: “Everyone has the
right to work, to free choice of
employment to just and favorable
conditions of work and to protection
against unemployment”. The
already disadvantaged majority
Hindus being unfairly denied the
right to work in religious minority-
controlled institutions in India
because of their religious affiliation
should also be considered in
violation of the above Declaration.
Article 26 of the Universal
Declaration: “Everyone has the
right to education…Technical and
professional education shall be
made generally available and higher
education shall be made equally
accessible to all on the basis of
merit”. Religious minority-
controlled institutions in India give
preferential admission to students
of their faith that again is
sanctioned by Article 30 of Indian
Dr Moorthy Muthuswamy, PhD
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
constitution. This again unfairly
denies already disadvantaged
majority Hindu students access to
education on the basis of merit.
The recent assertion by
Indian HRD minister Arjun Singh
defining Article 30 of Indian
constitution as “protecting
minorities” is inappropriate. An
appropriate interpretation of
Article 30 is one of giving
unfair preferences to Indian
minorities but also of promoting
majority apartheid and
discrimination. Such an Indian
state can arguably, seen as an
uncivilized one (through its
violation of Universal
Declaration of Human Rights),
despite calling itself as a
“secular democracy”. A detailed
analysis shows that through
constitutional based religious
discrimination of majority, the
Indian state may be embarking
on a collective suicide of itself
and its majority population –
unless Article 30 is amended to
make it free of religious
Muslims are dependent to a
great extent on quotas, reservation,
various kinds of hand outs from
the Hindus and secular Bharatiya
governments instead of acquiring
knowledge and skills on equal
basis with all Bharatiya people
without depending on quotas and
reservations. Their whole
knowledge is mainly confined to
convert Non-Muslims into Islam
and create Jihads for obtaining
their objectives all over the world.
If so, answer the following questions
Why are the communists
and their left allies wanting, no;
demanding that India should not
vote with the US and European
States and others in the IAEA
holding that Iran is engaged in the
development of nuclear weapons
and therefore it should be referred
to the UN Security Council? Are
you not aware time and again, Iran
voted in the Organisation of Islamic
Countries (OIC)
c o n d e m n i n g
India for
occupation of
the Muslim
m a j o r i t y
Kashmir? Are
you wanting that
India should
have a third
nuclear power
around its borders, every one of
them ranged against India?
Why are you opposing
foreign Universities establishing
themselves in India and offering
foreign degrees to our students?
While communist China has
already allowed two British
Universities to operate in China
and give British University degrees
to Chinese students?
Are you not aware that
communist China does not allow
the Roman Catholics in China to
obey the authority of the Pope in
Rome and that Bishops and
Cardinals and other Church
functionaries are to be appointed
not by the Pope in Rome as for
elsewhere in the world but by the
Chinese Church itself? Why do
you oppose a similar demand by
Hindu nationalists in respect of
churches in India?
Are you not aware that
communist China is privatizing
hundreds of state-owned
enterprises and why do you
oppose such a measure in India?
Communist China has
allowed foreign
d i r e c t
investment (FDI)
and full foreign
ownership in
retail trade and
already USA’s
Wal-Mart and
F r a n c e ’ s
Carrefour, etc.,
have opened
chains of their
fully owned retail shops? Why do
you oppose FDI in India’s retail
In the case of Rama
Janma Bhumi in Ayodhya, you
say that, ‘law must take its course’
and that the court’s verdict must
be respected. But whenever courts
give a judgment against Muslims’
sentiments and privilege, like in
Shah Bano, Aligarh Muslim
University, 5% reservation for
Muslims in government and
educational institutions etc., you
demand that the law and
constitution must be amended to
accommodate Muslim demands.
Why is this?
communist China does not allow
the Roman Catholics in China to
obey the authority of the Pope
in Rome and that Bishops and
Cardinals and other Church
functionaries are to be appointed
not by the Pope in Rome as for
elsewhere in the world but by
the Chinese Church itself?
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
The United States adopted
ancient Indian catamaran-making
technology to construct fast ships
which were used with dramatic
effect in the Iraq war. Among the
equipment the Americans used to
win the Iraq war were 100-feet
catamaran ships to ferry tanks and
ammunition from Qatar to Kuwait.
The ships, built with technology
adapted from ancient Tamil
methods to make catamarans, can
travel over 2,500 kms in less than
48 hours, twice the speed of the
regular cargo ships, and carry
enough equipment to support about
5,000 soldiers. Having a shallow
draft, the boats can unload in
rudimentary ports, allowing troops
to land closer to the fight.
Researchers believe
Sanskrit and computers are a
perfect fit. In 1985, Rick Briggs,
a researcher for NASA, published
a paper on the potential uses of
Sanskrit as a machine language.
Natural languages are basically
too imprecise for use as machine
languages, thus programmers have
been forced to create artificial
languages. However, Briggs hailed
Sanskrit as an exception. “Among
the accomplishments of the
[Sanskrit] grammarians can be
reckoned a method for
paraphrasing Sanskrit in a manner
that is identical not only in
essence but in form with current
work in Artificial Intelligence. A
natural language can serve as an
artificial language also, and that
much work in AI has been
reinventing a wheel millennia old.”
Christmas is not the
celebration of the birth date of
Christ. Different researchers place
different dates for the birth of
Christ but there is virtual agreement
among scholars that December
25th is not the birth date of Jesus
Christ, but an annual pagan festival
celebrated in honor of the sun
which was too deeply entrenched
in popular custom to be set aside
by Christian influence. The pagan
festival with it’s riot and
merrymaking was so popular that
Christians were glad of an excuse
to continue its celebration with
little change in spirit and in manner.
During the first three centuries we
find no trace of any feast for the
birth of Christ.
An intensive research
conducted by Zenab Banu of
Gujarat on the cause and effect
of communal riots since 18th
century (which was a topic of her
Ph.D. thesis), wherein she had
analyzed and documented major
Hindu-Muslim riots spread over
250 years, shows that in
95% cases the riots were initiated
by Muslims
. Her thesis has been
published in a book entitled
‘Politics of Communalism’ (1978).
There are fifty-seven
nations in the Organisation of the
Islamic Conference (OIC). Only a
handful (Turkey, Indonesia and
Malaysia) are democracies.
Maulana Abdul Kalam
Azad, a so-called ‘liberal’ and
‘secular’ Muslim, led a campaign
against ‘Vande Maataram’ on the
grounds that it was ‘anti-Islamic’.
He had opposed the partition of
India and Jawaharlal Nehru was
quick to declare him ‘a great
nationalist leader’, but the
in his book “India Wins
Freedom” has discussed the
reason for his opposition. He
was of the opinion that the
creation of a separate Muslim
state would divide the Muslim
population and India would have
fewer number of Muslims, thus
dealing a blow to the process
of Islamization of India, hence
the opposition. [Can one be a
Muslim who does not work for
Islamisation of all the world’s
people, as enjoined by his
Prophet? Christians are also
obligated to convert others.
Herein lie the seeds of perpetual
civilisational religious wars. –
The last rites of Mahatma
Gandhi, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr.
Rajendra Prasad and Smt. Indira
Gandhi were accompanied by
renderings from the Bhagwad
Geeta, the Quran and religious
books of other religions;
but the
final rites of Dr. Zakir Hussain,
Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad and
Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad had
renderings only from the Quran.
[And yet some Hindus want us to
believe ‘Iswar-Allah Tere Naam”
and that all religions teach and
believe in the same thing. No
Muslim, no Christian will accept
this innocent, foolish belief of
Hindus. – Editor]
In 1950, the then Maharaja
of Indore, Yashwant Rao Holkar,
wanted his son Richard, born of
his American wife, to succeed him
as the ruler of Indore. However,
the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal
Nehru (along with Sardar Patel
and Rajendra Prasad) objected,
making it clear that the son of his
foreign wife could not succeed
him. Nehru couldn’t allow foreign
blood even as a powerless
Maharaja to inherit a title, let
alone power!
St. Francis Xavier, after
whom many educational
institutions are named in India,
“Secularism” Combat, February 2006
feverishly declared, “When I have
finished baptising the people, I
order them to destroy the huts in
which they keep their idols; and
I have them break the statues of
their idols into tiny pieces, since
they are now Christians. I could
never come to an end describing
to you the great consolation which
fills my soul when I see idols
being destroyed by the hands of
those who had been idolaters,”
(from The Letters and Instructions
of Francis Xavier, 1993, pp 117-
8). [that is Mahatma Gandhi and
Dr B R Ambedkar said that one
converts to Christianity, he
ceases to be an Indian
. Dr
Ambedkar asked his beloved
Harijans (now called Dalits, just
like Muslims are called ‘minority’)
to convert to an Indian religion,
In 2002, Karnataka State
received Rs.72 crores as revenue
from temples, returned Rs.10
crores for temple maintenance,
and granted Rs.50 crores for
and Rs.10 crores for
churches. (Daily Pioneer, October
7, 2003.) [i.e., Hindus’ money
used by ‘secular’ Congress
government to support Christianity
and Islam and their business to
convert Hindus! Is ‘secularism’ not
anti-Hinduism? - Editor
After partition, when the
Maharaja of Kashmir was
harbouring the idea of retaining
Kashmir as an independent
kingdom, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
had sent Guru Golwalkar of the
RSS to convince the Maharaja to
join India. After discussions with
Guruji, the Maharaja was
convinced and agreed to sign the
Instrument of Accession to India.
During the China war in
1962, the Swayamsevaks of the
RSS swung into action mobilising
support to the governmental
measures in general and to the
jawans in particular. Pandit Nehru
was so impressed that he invited
a Sangh contingent to take part
in the Republic Day Parade of
26th January 1963. When, later
on, some Congressmen raised
their eyebrows over the invitation
to Sangh, Pandit Nehru brushed
aside the objections saying that
all patriotic citizens had been
invited to join the parade.
When the Europeans newly
arrived in America in 1492, they
took the natives to be devils and
for about forty years it was legal
to hunt down the natives like
animals. It was only in 1530 A.D.
that the Pope relented and declared
that American Indians were human!
The concept of Reiki
originated in India, but it was
rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in
Japan in the late 19th century. Dr.
Usui was a Shingon Buddhist
priest and a physician. He read
about an ancient healing art in an
1100 year old Buddhist Manuscript
and made a brief synthesis of the
essence of this seven level Tantric
teaching as Reiki.
In 1895, eight years before
the Wright brothers flew their first
plane, Shivkar Bapuji Talpade and
his wife gave a thrilling
demonstration flight on the
Chowpatty beach in Mumbai. Mr.
Talpade, an erudite Sanskrit
scholar, constructed his aeroplane
named ‘Marutsakha’ based on the
description of Vimanas available in
the Vedas.
The theory of the Ion
Engine has been credited to Robert
Goddard, long recognized as the
father of Liquid-fuel Rocketry. It is
claimed that in 1906, long before
Goddard launched his first modern
rocket, his imagination had
conceived the idea of an Ion
rocket. However, Shivkar Bapuji
Talpade used an Ion Engine to
take his plane to a height of 1500
ft. in 1895, many years before
Only a few years ago, the
Chinese discovered some Sanskrit
documents in Lhasa, Tibet and
sent them to the University of
Chandigarh to be translated. Dr.
Ruth Reyna of the university said
that the documents contain
directions for building interstellar
spaceships! The Chinese
announced that they were including
certain parts of the documents for
study in their space program.
When the city of
Mohenjodaro was excavated by
archaeologists, they found
skeletons just lying in the streets,
some of them holding hands, as
if some great doom had suddenly
overtaken them. These skeletons
are among the most radioactive
ever found, on a par with those
found at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Ancient cities whose brick and
stonewalls have literally been
vitrified, that is-fused together, can
be found in India, Ireland, Scotland,
France, Turkey and other places.
There is no logical explanation for
the vitrification of stone forts and
cities, except from an atomic
The shrouded Qaabaa at
Mecca, the holiest shrine for all
Muslims of the world, was once
a temple containing 360 different
deities which were the object of
reverence and worship. Acting upon
the orders of Allah, the almighty,
Prophet Mohammed waged a jihad
or holy war against the worshippers
of these deities to gain control
over Mecca, after which he
destroyed the icons and
slaughtered the idolaters.
“Secularism” Combat
, 2006
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- Premvir Das
[The writer retired as Commander-in-Chief of the
Eastern Naval Command.]
The attack on innocent participants at a
seminar on operations research at the Indian
Institute of Science in Bangalore highlights a new
modus operandi of terrorists. Earlier, such attacks
were aimed at political leaders, police, paramilitary
and military forces.
As these became difficult targets, focus shifted
to government institutions like the Legislative
Assembly in Srinagar and Parliament in Delhi.
When these proved unsuccessful, terrorists moved
to religious complexes to create communal
disharmony and destabilize society. Attacks on
the Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar and the
shrine in Ayodhya fall in this category. As they,
too, failed to yield the desired result the focus was
shifted to the softest of all targets — ordinary
people in busy market places like the Delhi blasts
during Diwali.
Though, there has been a constant shift in
terrorist strikes, it has become clear to them that
neither the state nor society has succumbed, or
is likely to succumb, to such dastardly attacks.
The momentary trauma is soon overcome. The
Bangaloare attack is to be seen in this context.
It represents sophistication in the methods adopted
and the targets chosen.
Dr M C Puri was a ‘knowledge’ asset and the
attack targeted this segment as they didn’t want
short-term results as in the Delhi blasts. The
terrorists have realized that a new plan of action
is necessary. We should expect our core ‘long-
term strengths’ to be targeted.
So, the focus of our security forces needs to
shift. Until now, anti-terrorist activity has been
land-centric as terrorism itself was land-based.
This must now change. There is a new dimension—
the spectrum of maritime terrorism. Interesting, as if
in tune with the attack in Bangalore, a merchant-ship
sailing out of Mumbai has reported losing 100 tonnes
of explosives consigned for the use of the Border
Roads Organisation working in Afghanistan. The
incident must be viewed with the greatest suspicion.
In fact, the RDX used in the 1993-Mumbai blasts
was brought through small ports in Maharashtra.
There is also piracy, especially in the waters of
southeast Asia where ships are hijacked and used
for nefarious purposes. A hijacked vessel can become
a potent platform for terrorist action. One such vessel,
if suck at the entrance of any one of our major
ports, can put that port out of action for several
months and cause a loss of $5 billion to $6 billion,
much more than the loss caused by the attacks
on the World Trade Center on 9/11.
It will have
serious, long-term repercussions on the country. We
must prepare ourselves for more sophisticated forms
of attacks. Maritime terrorism is difficult to combat
as shipping is a transnational activity and countering
criminal activities require cooperation with countries.
India is surrounded by radical Islamic terrorist
organizations like all Qaeda, the Taliban, Lashkar and
Jaish groups operating out of Pakistan and the Abu
Sayyaf in the Philippines. Pakistan is the hub of
terrorist training though operations are planned in the
UK, the US and even in India.
It is not Kashmir alone that makes India a target.
As this country grows, economically and politically,
many of its areas will be of interest to miscreants.
The Bangalore attack and the loss of explosives at
sea have come as timely warnings and the message
they send out should not be lost.