How to Pass a Security Bill

By Moorthy Muthuswamy, June 2000

Recently, the NDA/BJP government decided to place the secular UP (Utter Pradesh) religious construction bill in the back burner. The aim of the bill was to stop the mushrooming growth of madarasas (Islamic religious schools) that are popping all over India-Nepal border in UP. According to intelligence agencies, these madarasas are used for sheltering and training Islamic terrorists and for other anti national activities.

Why did the government withdraw the bill? This happened because extremist elements supported by Pak's ISI mobilized and conducted processions and mounted sustained pressure on the government, even though this bill didn't single out people of any faith for selective treatment. In the absence of a demonstrated support, such as massive counter demonstrations by public in support of this bill, the isolated government had no choice but to shelve the bill aside.

If the government couldn't even take a first step towards improving the security of the country, it has no chance of a success! This will happen even if the BJP gains absolute parliament majority, for the very same reasons. Can anything be done? The people whose very existence is threatened by Islamic terrorists need to act to support the government. Ultimately, it is their survival that is at stake!

Here is a suggested solution: In future, before a proposed security bill is tabled in the Indian parliament, organizations such as RSS/VHP/Akali Dal and Christian and Muslim groups, should carry out processions all over India in support of the proposed bill. This way, the government will be confident that it has people's support.