What does it mean by "self-determination"?

By Moorthy Muthuswamy, July 2000

Even though the concept of self-determination comes across as a genuine human rights issue, in the context of India, the idea of self-determination comes across as an intend to commit genocide of non-Muslims. This includes Kashmir that has a large non-Muslim population. The set of questions designed here for the supporters of Islamic terrorism, such as Pakistanis show that those who are calling for the "self-determination" of Muslims in India really have no case.

The idea is to project and popularize a view that non-Muslims of Indian subcontinent indeed need a secular land (India). This powerful doctrine could form a basis for strategies leading to eradication of the supporters of Islamic terrorism maiming India both inside and across the border ruthlessly.

The issue of legitimacy of a secular India in Pakistani eyes may be expanded in the following manner:

1) Do you think Indian Muslims are oppressed?

Follow up: If so, in what way? Unlike Pak (that treats non-Muslims constitutionally

as second class citizens) Indian Muslims are not treated as second class

citizens; Indian Muslims flocking to Madrasas and not gaining skills is

their problem.

2) Do you think Indian Muslims need to be liberated from Hindu "oppression"?

Follow up: More and more Pakistanis are talking about this, if so, what do they


3) Would you like to see home lands inside India for Indian Muslims?

Follow up: If so, for what reasons and would they be Islamic? Would it not lead to

ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims (like Pakistan)? If they are not Islamic, why are home lands needed for Muslims?

4) Do you think that non-Muslims in the sub-continent need a secular land,

just as the Muslims have their own?

Follow up: In other words, what are the rights of non-Muslims in the sub-continent?

If yes to this question, how is it consistent with liberation of Indian

Muslims and formation of Islamic lands that is bound to lead to ethnic

cleansing of non-Muslims?

5) Why do you think there are few Hindus in Pak while there is a huge

Muslim population in India?

(Answer to this question may give insight into their thinking)