Release The White Paper On Pak’s ISI

By Moorthy Muthuswamy, April 2000

It has been reported that the BJP dominated government may not release the long promised white paper on Pak's ISI sponsorship of subversion in India. Among the reasons given is the realization by govt. that publication of the white paper could lead to unrest, with some sections of society becoming the target of public ire.

By the government’s own account, the ISI has created a large network of informers and sympathizers. The public at large should be educated how extensive the threats to India are from its sworn enemy, Pakistan. Without the public knowing the full extent of the threat, the govt. will not be able to generate the support it needs to take effective measures. Even among the sections of the society that ISI finds its recruits, release of the white paper may lead to galvanizing and self-cleansing of treacherous elements.

The press and media in particular should put pressure on the government to release the paper without further delay. Excluding a medicine just because it is bitter does not help the patient!